Transparency and loyalty, go in our brand name: Saakshi and Harshita Gupta

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Nuts being the basic in everybody’s life since childhood, many of us hate them and also like them. Have you ever thought of flavored or golden and silver nuts? Yes, you read it right. Two girls from the same family have started this brand which brings out golden and silver nuts. Saakshi Gupta and Harshita Gupta are the two women who have launched a premium gourmet nuts brand. Below are the excerpts of an interview with both of them.

How was Vedic Nuts born?

Vedic Nuts is the brainchild of both of us, Harshita and Saakshi Gupta, with the sole mission to provide the most premium gourmet products. For a long, being fascinated by the Food and Beverage Industry, we noticed a dearth of premium gourmet products in most parts of India. It was during this period that we formulated the idea of our enterprise, Vedic Nuts. The vision is to scale it across India and the globe eventually. Both being travel enthusiasts and experiencing different countries and cultures are what gave rise to Vedic Nuts. Additionally, the wedding industry in India despite being is one of the biggest markets for gourmet products, was lacking the same. On this realization, we commenced the search for something unique and exquisite. Vedic Nuts was formed with an exclusive range of premium flavored dry fruits and a luxurious gifting range complimenting the products.

What is with the name?

Vedic in its essence means authentic and pure. Applying it to our business implies that our products are preservatives free and in its unique and true essence. Nuts are the crux of our business; we deal with a range of dry fruits; hence the name Vedic Nuts. Not just our products but even in terms of customer services and employee relations, we always aim for transparency and loyalty which goes in our brand name.

How different are Vedic Nuts from the other dry fruit brands?

The USP of Vedic Nuts is it’s quality and its premium range of Silver and Gold coated nuts. What sets them apart is that their flavors are preservatives free and healthy with the use of natural products for flavors. Additionally, we not only provide our customers with exquisite products but their packaging also adds a premium touch to the entire range. The modern touch to the boxes and gifting range gets our customers coming back for more.

– Exceptional Quality

– Small Batch Production

– Unique and Innovation

How do you finalize the flavors?

In the quest for the perfect gourmet experience, Vedic Nuts’ every batch is curated by experts in small numbers to ensure the quality and uniformity in every bite. The flavor is finalized depending on its uniqueness in the market and its quality.

Can you tell us about the sourcing of nuts?

In the market of flavored nuts, you would normally find smaller sizes of nuts used with a thick coating to make the product look good. At Vedic Nuts, we use quality ingredients with a very thin coating to give the clients a subtle but fine taste of the final gourmet products.

You say that there is a legacy of sourcing the rarest ingredients and flavors; could you tell me more about that?

Before the commencement of this start-up, we accompanied by a few experts who personally traveled to Pan India, researching this market, to source the best chefs and ingredients. For a truly scrumptious gourmet experience, our nuts are carefully selected based on multiple quality parameters.


Almonds are the most consumed nuts across the globe and at Vedic Nuts, we give you flavourful reasons to have them more often. We use the finest quality of California Almonds.


They are creamy, they are crunchy and they are ready to melt in your mouth. We endorse only the finest of W-210 grade cashews, which are glazed with natural ingredients like Cinnamon, Pepper, and Rose Petal.


Our gourmet creations use the most premium Fard Dates sourced specially from the Sultanate of Oman. These impressive dates come with dark wrinkled skin, sweet flavor, and rich texture which make them an Arabian Delight in every form. Co-created with exquisite flavors do ‘Save the Date’ before they’re all sold out.


The powerhouse of nutrition, Cranberries are vitamin-rich and have numerous health benefits. Indulge in our enticing range of flavors with the goodness of sweet and sour berries sourced exclusively from the USA and Canada.

How do you maintain quality? 

The key is in small batch production. Our team always makes small batches no matter the quantity in order to maintain the quality and uniformity in tastes.

Your packaging is really pretty. How important is packaging and branding for a product?

This of course depends from brand to brand but we as owners of Vedic Nuts truly believe in providing the best gifting experience to our clients. Any good brand will always invest in packaging for their products especially in this market where gifting and festivals are regularly.

Via our branding we want our current & future clients to understand Vedic Nuts’ aims, which are loyalty, authenticity, and uniqueness. Branding and our packaging aesthetic are extremely essential in our companies’ vision of creating a gourmet masterpiece.

What is with the silver and gold collection?

In simple terms, our silver & gold collection is a range of nuts (Almonds, cashews, dates, and cardamom) coated with 99% and 24 karats edible silver and gold respectively. This range is unique and rarely found in Pan India.

Silver Collection:

Our Silver Gourmet Collection is oh-so exclusive that it will cast a spell on your tastebuds. Witness a confluence of the most exquisite nuts engulfed in the opulence of 24 karats Pure Edible Silver. This premium collection consists of limited-edition Almonds, Cashews, Dates, and Elaichi are sure to bring a shine to your celebrations.

Golden Gourmet Collection:

Here’s a collection with the ‘Midas Touch’. Our Golden Gourmet Collection is assorted with the most Avant-grade quality nuts curated by our Maître d’. Impeccable and delectable, our nut collection is so regal that they come encrusted in 24-karat pure edible gold, in reality!

Satiate your love for the gourmet in the most luxurious way. Our Almonds and Cashews are roasted delicately unlike our Dates which are best served fresh; to further these nuts are blanketed with a 24-karat pure edible gold leaf to elevate your senses. A feast for royalty, our Golden Gourmet Nut Collection is so precious that they make a perfect gift for connoisseurs or enjoyed as an indulgence.

What other nuts would we get to savor from Vedic Nuts in the future?

Due to the current pandemic, we were unable to launch a new range this financial year, however, next year you can hope for new flavors in hazelnuts, dates, chocolates, and maybe some exciting jars of butter as well.


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