TripGo Hospitality To Expand Operations Of Oyster, Bar & Kitchen

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Bengaluru: TripGo Hospitality, one of Bengaluru’s emerging F&B retail players, has robust business expansion plans in FY 2023-24. Upbeat about starting the financial year on a positive note, TripGo Hospitality has announced new investments and business expansions. ‘Oyster, Bar & Kitchen, the flagship brand of TripGo Hospitality, has tasted massive success in Bengaluru and recently expanded its seating capacity from 150 to 250.

Owing to the popularity, TripGo is looking forward to replicating the success of Oyster, Bar & Kitchen with new outlets in Bengaluru and neighboring F&B hubs like Pune and Goa. 

‘Oyster, Bar & Kitchen’ was launched in 2019 and has become a runaway success in 3 years of operation. Despite the challenges of COVID, the brand has been able to sail through the times and sprung back into business to see profitability within 3 months of lockdown. The due credit goes to the business acumen of Devanshi Tripathi, Founder & CEO, TripGo Hospitality, who is all set to make a mark for being one of the few women in the hospitality industry. 

Under the leadership of Devanshi Tripathi, TripGo Hospitality is on a mission to become one of the leading hospitality brands in India with multiple F&B formats catering to various demographics. In the near future, the company plans to launch a premium gourmet café offering a variety of handcrafted coffees and another format catering to a high-end segment with an elite, premium bar that enjoys artisanal cocktails. 

Devanshi Tripathi, Founder & CEO of TripGo Hospitality.

Speaking about the robust expansion plans to The Balcony Stories, Devanshi Tripathi, Founder & CEO, TripGo Hospitality said, “TripGo Hospitality was born out of a dream to become an entrepreneur and it has been a rewarding experience till date. True to its spirit, Bengaluru has laid the path to the successful growth of TripGo Hospitality and now we are at a crucial juncture in expanding our business beyond our shores. Looking forward to yet another enterprising and fulfilling journey in the times to come.”

TripGo Hospitality is one of the emerging hospitality brands founded by Devanshi Tripathi. The company hosts Oyster, Bar & Kitchen which is the first flagship brand under its umbrella. 

The company also houses another brand “Oyster Villa”, an overnight stay property in Gurgaon. It is a 12-bedroom villa and has become a hub of sorts for medical tourism as the property is situated amidst a host of hospitals.

Pets at the Oyster Bar and Kitchen, pet lounge.

The company plans to launch multiple other brands catering to different demographics soon.

Oyster, Bar & Kitchen is an uber cool, pet friendly hangout space. Oyster is designed to make it feel like your best friend’s garden, for those endless conversations with your loved ones – even your furry friends! The idea is to give communities and workspaces a platform to socialize, relax and unwind. In essence, an extension of your social workspace. Through Oyster, we envisage building a thriving community of individuals who love the hustle of the city, adore animals and enjoy nature. Oyster is a pet friendly bar that will charm you with its in-house greenery, outdoor bamboo tables overlooking the hustle-bustle of city life, tastefully curated menu of regional favorites and continental bites and of course exceptional service!”

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