Ultimate Myth Buster – Body Wash Or Soap?

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Much has been said about the comparative benefits of a bar of soap over body wash and vice-versa. The comparison for most of these arguments is based on properties – affordability, storage and portability, enhancement of the bathing ritual overall. But to boil down to the brass tacks, the very essentials of decision making, one tends to dwell on practical benefits and completely ignore the experiential benefits like enjoyability of the bath. Here are 5 points of practical consideration that can help you make a decision. And who knows? Perhaps these reasons change your stance on this age-old debate and make you switch!


There is a general pre-disposition prevalent that body washes are more expensive than soap. This is true at first glance, but this is not true for all body washes in the market. When you assess the ‘number of baths’ you get out of a bar of soap vs. that of a body wash– a body wash can deliver in terms of value for money. The cost per wash for a Vivel body wash (400 ML at Rs. 99) is only INR 1.2/-.  All body washes aren’t expensive! Even a coin size amount is enough for a great bathing experience with added lather and moisturizing. Little goes a long way with Vivel Body wash – so it is that easy!


Bathing doesn’t have to involve a lot of water and a lot of time to be effective. There’s a myth that we often believe in – that body washes take longer than soap to rinse off, increasing the duration of time spent in the bathroom. Especially when one is running late for a meeting, it is often believed that soap baths will be quicker and hence we avoid using a body wash. However, Vivel body wash washes off easily while leaving the skin refreshed and hydrated even when running late, especially during mornings. Vivel Body wash has a high foaming formula, so a good amount of lather can be made even without any loofah. So, no additional step is required – drop, rub and apply; it is really that simple with Vivel Body to wash.


The most satisfying thing about a bath is that it gives us the feeling of being squeaky clean, and refreshed. Body washes are known to moisturize better and leave the skin looking plump without drying it. A coin-sized amount of Vivel body wash creates enough lather for an enjoyable bathing experience. And it lasts for up to 80 washes with the 400 ml refill pack. Of course, using a loofah every day is not possible and is not advisable for people with sensitive skin. Still, a loofah shouldn’t be the only reason for enjoyable baths – foamy goodness and Vivel go hand in hand, without even a loofah!

Storage and Portability

Another important practical consideration. While soap bars need additional paraphernalia like soap dishes to store hygienically, body washes are self-contained units. Therefore, they are easy to share and carry while traveling even when the product is ‘in use.’ Usually, family members share the same bathroom; it’s convenient to use and share one body wash from a hygiene perspective rather than sharing the soap bars. Also, carrying soap is hard, and it isn’t easy to share. With body washes, every drop is fresh, untouched, and unused.

Style of bathing

Another popular belief is that body washes should only be used under showers and are not fun or effective with bucket baths. However, most Indians take a bath with a bucket, and Vivel works well with those. So be it a bucket bath where you don’t want to wet your hair or a leisurely shower to recharge yourself at day end, Vivel Body wash works for both kinds.

Living in a world of influence, we tend to get carried away with what our acquaintances or friends say instead of basing our decision-making on facts. Body washes moisturize one’s skin without drying it, and the bathing experience in itself – the foaminess, the fragrance is something to look forward to. I hope these pointers help you make a more informed choice for your skin.

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