Unboxing Bengaluru Habba: A Kaleidoscope Of Culture, Arts And More

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Bengaluru: Nestled in the south of India, Bengaluru is a city that never fails to surprise its visitors. From its bustling streets to its lush green parks, Bengaluru has something for everyone. Although it is widely known as the ‘Silicon Valley of India’, the city has so much more to offer than just the tech industry. Bengaluru is a melting pot of different cultures and traditions that have flourished over the years and have shaped the city into what it is today.

Despite the rapid development and fast-paced lifestyle, Bengalureans still manage to find solace in the city’s natural beauty. The city boasts spectacular nature walks, sprawling parks, and gardens and entertainment options that are perfect for a relaxing day out. The city is also home to a vibrant nightlife, with numerous bars and clubs that cater to everyone’s taste.

To celebrate the city’s diverse culture, history and dynamism, Bengaluru is hosting the first edition of the annual “Unboxing BLR Habba 2023 (UBH),” which promises to be a grand affair, with nearly 50+ partners coming together to host a wide range of cultural events. Catalyzed by GoNative and anchored by Unboxing Bengaluru Foundation, UBH 2023 aims to showcase the city’s rich heritage and brings together people from different walks of life to celebrate the spirit of Bengaluru.

UBH is a massive 11-day ‘festival of festivals’ event has over 300 events planned across 45 locations in Bengaluru. The event brings together 50 organizations from 12 different categories, making it the first of its kind in the country. 

UBH will be an occasion for people from all walks of life around Bengaluru, as well as visitors to the city, to experience the many attractions in the city and celebrate the best that the city has to offer. The city-wide festival will also reinforce a sense of belonging and allow citizens and visitors alike to re-engage with the city. UBH is anchored by Unboxing Bengaluru Foundation and will be organized annually in the first fortnight of December.

Spread across 12 categories, Public Jaaga, Churumuri, Ranga Kaate, Kala Koota, Walks Populi, Lit Nagara, Crafts Mela, Design Mantapa, Hasiru City, Thindi Puram, Tech Halli and Green Maidana, UBH is not just one type of celebration but rather a melting pot of multiple events. 

The program includes cultural performances, art exhibitions, heritage walks, food festivals, and much more. It has been designed to globally popularise the festival on the lines of the UK’s Edinburgh Festival or Goa’s Serendipity Arts Festival. 


Prashanth Prakash, Chairman, UnboxingBLR Foundation and Founding Partner Accel India said “Unboxing BLR Foundation is our city-focused platform to build, nurture and catalyse Bengaluru’s cultural landscape. There is more to Bengaluru than it being a tech and startup hub. Unboxing Bengaluru Habba or UBH is our attempt to reposition Bengaluru on the world’s cultural map.”

Bengaluru is a city that has a lot to offer. However, with the introduction of the UBH, it has become even more exciting. The aim of UBH was to create a one-stop event platform that would become the primary destination for art, culture, theatre, music, and much more in the next five years. This initiative is what can bring every industry together like a well-oiled economic engine, creating a soft infrastructure that binds the city. Over time, it would attract a large number of tourists, benefitting the tourist infrastructure and positioning Bengaluru as a cultural hub.

Calendar of Events 

Public Jaaga 

Explore the city’s nuances and urban commons with the Open Streets Festival, Namma Jatra and Namma Raste. 


An amalgamation of conversations, arts, crafts and culture all under one roof and many events. 

The Events@Courtyard Koota will have a talk by Pushpamala N on 1 Dec, Songs Of The Baul: Santhi Priya on 3 Dec, The Big Bad Fight : Yamini Vijayan on 10 Dec, The Joke’s On Us : Malhar Laugh Club on 2 Dec, Imagine Your Plate : Curated By Koota on 9 Dec, Singing Baul : Santhi Priya on 2 – 3 Dec, Beyond Hattamala on 8 Dec and Ragini Ramanathan Live on 10 Dec.

Experience BIC with the Beethoven Variations: A Portrait in Music and Poetry, The Rolling Ruanas: Colombian Music and Tradition, Tangled and Sparking: Regulatory Jugaad in India’s Electricity Sector, From Pitch to Page: The Eternal Allure of Cricket, Colonial Interlude: The Nottuswara Sahityas of Muthuswami Dikshitar (1775-1835), Lost and Found: Songs of Saints, Carols in the City: An Evening of Festive Joy, Essence of Duality: Redefining the Sitar in Indo-Jazz Fusion and Mama Bears: Love’s Victory over Hatred. 

Basavanagudi Elegance – Essence – It is one of the oldest areas of Bengaluru with rich culture and heritage.

A Rare Photo Exhibition of 100 years of Basavanagudi. a Heritage Walk, Traditional Nandi Kolu at Kadlekai Parishe and Film Screening of Kannada Literary Giants at the Indian Institute of World Culture 

Bengaluru South Fair 

Ahum Arts Festival from Dec 1 – 3, 2023 at Jakkur will showcase the Krideyalli Kale – Krideyalli Kale – An Art Exhibition, Me And My Trash – A Movement And Spoken Word Performance on 1 Dec; Movement Workshop and Dweepa – A Kannada Play on 2 Dec; Songs of Kabir and Other Saint Poets and Story Telling on 3 Dec all performed by Swastika School of Dance and Music. There is also the Bird Walk, Paint by the Lake Side at Jakkur Lake on 3 Dec and finally, the Pottery Workshop by Studio Ataash on 2 Dec. 

Christmas in Courtyard – Courtyard Picnic on 3 Dec 

Vibes@Lahe Lahe presents Open Mic Fridays on 1 Dec, Kavish Seth’s Music Gig and Vegan Potluck on 2 Dec, Saaz – A Musical Evening (Open Mic) and Bhangra Jam with Charan on 3 Dec, Write Out Loud (Poetry Evening) on 5 Dec, Music Jam on 6 Dec, Tabletop Thursdays on 7 Dec, Book Club on 9 Dec and Bhangra Jam with Charan, Garba / Dandiya Night and Lahe Lahe Open Mic on 10 Dec. 


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Ranga Katte 

The Shoonya Ticket 

Dancefluence: Namma Dance Utsav presents the Kathak – Stories, Links & Echoes – A Bespoke Performance by Natya & Stem Dance Kampni in Partnership with Courtyard Community on 3 Dec, Early Morning Kutcheri: Palimpsest & Sanjog – Performance & Talks Around Indian Contemporary Dance, Social and Climate Issues at the Natya STEM Studio on 10 Dec and Namma Dance for Namma Bengaluru: A Curated Workshop for Kathak & Contemporary Movement at Nayta STEM studio on 6 Dec 

Many Musics One City, BIC Elsewhere, Muic in the Park, Attakkalari Dance Odyssey, Feed on the food, spirit and culture at the The Big Feed Festival 9 – 10 Dec and the Karavalli Festival. 

Xplore & Xperience@Vyoma presents the Energy Clowning Workshop on 3 Dec, Double Trouble on 8 Dec, Melange: An Anthology of 4 plays on 10 Dec and Project Darling on 9 Dec. All performances will be at the Vyoma Artspace and Studio Theatre. 

Natakagala Habba presents Na Rajguru on 6 Dec and Dweepa on 11 Dec at Nayana Auditorium, Jugaari on 4 Dec at Kala Grama, Kanive Haadu on 7 Dec at KH Kalasoudha and Accidental Death of an Anarchist on 10 Dec at BIC, at Nayana Auditorium

Kala Koota 

Overshoot by Arunkumar H. G. on from 2 – 11 Dec at Gallery Sumukha. Art is Life, Under 25 Film Fest, City Reels Film Fest, Art Mantram and the Airport Art Walkthrough. 

Walks Populi – City Trails 

The City Beautiful, the Nandi Valley Walks on 10 Dec from Sri Bhoga Nandishwara Gudi and Nandi Valley Walks – In Town @Cubbon Park, UB City Entrance on 7 Dec and Parichay – Heritage Walks. 

Bengaluru by Foot will showcase Bengaluru fort walk, Bengaluru Fort on 2 Dec, Malleswaram Walk on 10 Dec, Pettah Walk from Nagarathpet on 9 Dec and Pettah Walk on 3 Dec from Cottonpet. 

City Walks will showcase Colonial Crawl on 9 Dec from Cubbon Park, Pete by Night on 2 Dec from Chickpete, Breakfast Trails: Exploring Basavangudi’s Culinary Heritage on 9 Dec from Basavanagudi, Cannt By Night on 9 Dec from Commercial Street, Death By Dosa Walk on 2 Dec from Chickpete, Malleshwaram Hogona on 10 Dec from Malleshwaram and Echoes of the Past: A Guided Walk through Nandi’s History, a trek and guide on 3 Dec from Nandi Hills. 

Rustik Travel will showcase the KR Market Photo Walk on 9 Dec from KR Market and Namma Bengaluru Heritage Walk on 10 Dec from Vidhana Soudha. 


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Lit Nagara 

The event features books, authors, readers and more and will showcase the following events:

Evenings@Atta Galatta will have the Book Swap, Atta Galatta Book Club and Let’s Play with Cardboard Boxes on 9 Dec. 

The Bengaluru Literature Festival at The Lalit Ashok Hotel from 2 – 3 Dec will present 250+ authors, 7 stages, 2 days and 1 litfest. 

Bengaluru Reads is a silent reading party across three venues – Cubbon Park, Lalbagh and Whitefield Inner Circle Park. 

The Handmade Crafts Mela 

Red Lilies, water birds – The Saree in nine stories; Folkluru on 2 – 3 Dec at Bharatiya City Mall and the Bengaluru Potters Market. 

Design Mantapa showcasing Artists & Makers presents the Bengaluru Design Week from 2 – 9 December and The Makers’ Trail an open studio tour from 1 – 10 December 

Hasiru City in Green and Blue 

Nature in the City, a fun and informative walk with knowledgeable naturalists. Children are especially invited on Dec 2 & 9 at Lalbagh Rock. Sustainable Bengaluru presents All Living Things – Environmental Film Festival on 9 – 10 Dec and Aerial Silk Showcase on 2 Dec at BCC. 

Thindi Puram showcases Bengaluru’s food and beverages from 1 – 11 Dec. 

Tech Halli 

Ideas and innovations at the Bengaluru Tech Summit from 29 Nov to 1 Dec 2023, Bengaluru Palace. 

Tee Off at the Green Maidana 

The Great Indian Golf Alliance GIGA – Par Excellence Golf Tournament on 9 Dec at the Prestige Golfshire Resort. 

For complete information on the events and bookings, please click here – https://habba.unboxingblr.com/


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