United Breweries Launches New Heineken Silver In India

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Heineken®’s latest beer innovation provides the new generation of consumers with a premium, smooth-tasting beer that breaks from the socializing traditions of the past to refresh the drinking moments of today.  

Bengaluru: United Breweries, the country’s largest beer manufacturer and part of the Amsterdam-based HEINEKEN group, today announced the launch of Heineken Silver, a smooth and refreshing beer that provides Indian consumers with a premium beverage that is truly designed for everyday social occasions.

Heineken Silver is brewed by seasoned master brewers using natural ingredients, including Heineken®’s famous A-yeast and quality pure malt.  

Rishi Pardal, Managing Director, United Breweries Limited, said to The Balcony Stories, “Guided by our purpose of brewing the joy of true togetherness to inspire a better world, we are always looking to bring products to the market that match the needs of our consumers and keep up with ever-changing taste preferences across generations. We see modern consumers seeking beverages that are light, easy to drink, and fit in well with their social occasions, and Heineken Silver is perfectly designed for these moments. We are confident that the smooth and refreshing Heineken Silver will herald a new era of premiumization in the Indian beer market.”

Rajeev Sathyesh, Asia-Pacific Director, Brand – Heineken®, said, “We are excited to launch this new member of the Heineken® family, Heineken® Silver, in India. This delightfully refreshing, smooth, and easy-to-drink lager has received a lot of love in our other markets globally. We are confident that it will also appeal to the new generation of beer drinkers in India. Heineken Silver is brewed as an all-around crowd pleaser and the perfect partner to celebrate authentic moments of joy.” 

Heineken® Silver is available in both on- and off-trade retail channels in Bengaluru. Heineken Silver’s 330-ml pint is priced at Rs 120, the 500-ml can at Rs 160, and the 650-ml bottle at Rs 200 across off-trade retail outlets in Bengaluru. The beer comes in a sleek silver can and the iconic green bottle. Heineken Silver will also be launched in other markets in the next few months.  

Heineken Silver has a smooth and refreshing taste, retaining the signature fruity aroma of Heineken® Original with a balanced, though slightly lower bitterness.  


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