‘Voice of Art’ for Gender Equality Day

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Art since time immemorial has been a powerful medium of expression and communication to inspire a change and empower a voice. Throughout human history, art has always been a significant tool to chronicle different facets of culture and react against inequalities and injustice. ITC Vivel with its philosophy of Ab Samjhauta Nahin embarked on a unique celebratory and expressive initiative with Vivel Voice of Art. In a first, Vivel Voice of Art brings together one of India’s largest collective of young artists to weave a new-age narrative of equality through Art. The passionate interpretation on canvas is a reflective yet futuristic expression against patriarchy. 

Vivel’s Voice of Art is an expression to inspire a more equal society. To commemorate Gender Equality Day (August 26th), Vivel introduces a unique platform to young artists with Voice of Art. Vivel Voice of Art celebrating equality this month brought together young artists and their passionate expressions against patriarchy – be it stereotyping based on gender or attire, highlighting pay gap, societal expectation set based on gender. With more than 400 art entries received from artists across the country sharing their interpretation of a progressive and equal society, Vivel Voice of Art is a beginning of a unique expression that encourages women to say Ab Samjhauta Nahin. 

Witness the resounding Voice of Art and an interpretation of equality here: https://www.instagram.com/vivelbyitc/

ITC Vivel with its brand philosophy of Ab Samjhauta Nahin has been relentlessly working towards empowering women to have an informed Voice. The Vivel ‘V’ stands for Voice of the Vivel woman, encouraged to challenge the status quo on gender-based stereotypes and the prescriptive behavioral norms that they need to conform to. Vivel firmly believes that no one should have to compromise on their dignity or be discriminated against. 

Sameer Satpathy, Divisional Chief Executive, Personal Care Products Business, ITC Limited, said, “Equality is a Fundamental Right yet at times it has been violated by individuals. Vivel with its philosophy of Ab Samjhauta Nahin actively supports equality and has been on a progressive journey to inspire and empower women with an informed voice. With Voice of Art, Vivel Ab Samjhauta Nahin seeks to inspire a collective of young people to express their independent Voice against patriarchy. It is very encouraging to see the phenomenal response and we believe this emerging expression will help reframe mindsets, as artists imagine a more equal world.” 

Vivel Ab Samjhauta Nahin with its unique Know Your Rights initiative is working extensively with colleges across India to empower everyone with the knowledge of rights and build equality champions across the nation. More than 700 colleges have experienced the workshop co-created with one of the most renowned legal authorities in India, Ms. Karuna Nundy, and around 1 lakh students have actively participated in the workshops that began its outreach in 2019.

Vivel has also collaborated with Azad Foundation India to launch ‘Parvaz’ a feminist leadership program to empower women and transform communities. The project in its third year has already introduced more than 40 community leaders in the last two years who have helped transform the lives of more than 60,000 women in big ways and small.


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