Why You Should Visit Bangalore’s Luxury BLVD Club?

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Imagine enjoying a soak with a chilled glass of wine over a cityscape, plush room decked with beautifully kitted furniture, lip-smacking food with a poolside view, and solace in the lap of nature with a rejuvenating Spa. While people are nestled at home in isolation, there is nothing more welcoming than a much-needed staycation. People are looking for immersive travel experiences at neighboring properties that are safe and provide exclusive options to unwind. Exploring fun activities, bonding with family, connecting with nature is the new rejuvenation with curated experiences. BLVD Club offers a mélange of engaging activities, a blend of luxury with comfort –including curated delectable cuisine choices, all while keeping up with Covid-19 protocols.

BLVD Club is a private luxury club among the very few of its kind in India. It’s located close to the Kempegowda International Airport, inside the Embassy Boulevard Campus. Prominently known for an uber-exclusive community of like-minded individuals, the club occupies a massive area (1, 00,000 sq. ft.). The club has been aesthetically designed and resonates with subtle sophistication and simplicity.

Here are eight reasons you should plan your next visit to the Embassy Group’s BLVD Club, Bengaluru.

A place to socialize and build lasting connections

There is a lot more to travel than just going to places. Experiencing varied cultures and meeting people from diverse backgrounds empowers you to connect and thrive. Today, people yearn for a sense of belongingness more than ever before and are on a constant lookout for comfort and a community. BLVD Club believes in fostering an uber-exclusive community of forward-thinking individuals. It also facilitates a strong social network to ex-pat families looking for international standard hospitality and service within a private eco-system. To belong to the BLVD community is to form lasting connections and be exposed to a customized lifestyle experience and, at the same time, set in a vibrant and stimulating environment.

Delectable food and dining experience

The concept of travel dining is gaining huge popularity, and good food elevates the overall excitement of a trip. So what could be better than having a getaway that entails relishing a set of personalized dining experiences, ensuring the highest standards of hygiene protocols? BLVD Club brings together the world on your plate with its in-house restaurant ‘Core.’ Here, you can expect a top-notch culinary experience serving the freshest produce and the most international flavors that can be savored in the dining room or enjoyed at fresco by the poolside. Heavenly indulgence!

Aesthetically designed ultra-luxury interiors


It’s essential to break the usual chain of stress and anxiety that often comes about due to the monotony of everyday living. The BLVD Club has splendid interiors designed by Andy Fisher Workshop from Singapore. It promotes a lifestyle that’s about living luxuriously yet being conscious of your relationship with nature. The design moves away from the traditional heavy-set interiors most clubs adopt. Luxurious yet light, contemporary chic is aspirational design at its finest, and the design element at BLVD Club has truly mastered the aesthetic. The in-house lounge bar, ‘Spirit,’ is known for its fine blend of innovative and opulent hospitality. An array of great wine and champagne cocktails of unique flavors are an added temptation to the overall luxe experience. The bar exudes ingenuity and creativeness in totality.

Rejuvenating Spa to relax your mind and body

The ever-evolving schedule of an urban lifestyle often takes a toll on our mental peace and physical health. Body spas are widely known to have therapeutic and healing powers. The ‘Illume Spa’ at BLVD Club takes you into Zen Living mode while also ensuring the highest standards of hygiene protocols. It’s an aesthetically designed world-class spa with a serene space to help you tune out the daily stresses. A well-trained team of world-class therapists exhibits expertise in massage and rejuvenation techniques along with beauty rituals, wellness programs with healing benefits for both the body and the soul.

World-class Gym to help you keep up with your fitness regime

A Fitness regime is a priority, especially for today’s generation, as it keeps you energized and in shape. The impeccably designed fitness center, ’Tone,’ has a multifunctional gym equipped with the latest strength and cardio equipment and a spacious exercise room. Trained coaches are always on-hand to instruct, inspire and keep one committed.

Work and unwind

BLVD makes a perfect workstation space where one can host meetings, send emails or make calls. The club provides the convenience of a well-equipped office for members to work, powerful WIFI, seating, and well-equipped conference rooms — a stimulating and productive setting to do what’s important. You can work remotely for a week away from your everyday routine, where you experience bountiful nature while at the same time also enjoying the best of luxury.

Comfortable and exclusive

With the world moving at a fast pace, time is of the essence. The BLVD Club ensures that its members have access to a personal concierge service to help make life easier. Right from planning a meeting to arranging a poolside dinner, the lifestyle managers at the club will take care of everything. The design ethos at BLVD Club stems from a deep concern for the planet. Sustainable green building design, embracing rationality and climatic challenges, create a unique urban habitat that is both luxurious and Eco-sensitive

Thoughtfully curated events and life skill workshops

The club hosts a holistic set of activities to make it a memorable experience and add more to the celebratory mood on festive occasions and important days. From musical nights, cooking master class, art/painting sessions, sundowner to personality building workshops and career counseling. Moreover, keeping a note of members’ interests and different backgrounds, the club organizes interesting events for special occasions like St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Ganesh Chaturthi, Halloween, Christmas, and more to keep the members hooked.

The need for a change of scene and weekend getaways has become more essential than ever before. It is important to be mindful of the location one chooses to de-stress and plan a safe, less crowded, and hygienic vacation. BLVD Club has the perfect ecosystem to set your mood right and let you experience the incredible in the comfort of your city.

Created for the cognoscenti, BLVD Club is a community for those who appreciate an evolved luxury and seek solace amid verdant spaces removed from the world. A lifestyle that lets you preserve your privacy yet enjoy a community experience that goes beyond the gate. Take the road to refinement. The Club has a host of offerings for the members. From fine dining to equestrian sports to VIP tickets that bring you an experience of finer things in life.  The exclusive membership package starts at Rs.2 lacs onwards. Log on to https://www.blvdclub.in/member-benifits/  for a membership card and more details.


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