5 Steps To Soft And Happy Skin

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Achieving soft, beautiful, and happy skin is a dream for most of us or at least a long-pending item on our wish list. While there are many suggestions, a laundry list of do’s and don’ts to follow, some basics don’t change. First, we have to understand that happy skin is a holistic process that requires one to work on building healthy habits combined with good skincare.

 Here’s a ready reckoner of tried and tested skincare habits that will serve as a reminder that skincare doesn’t need to be complicated. It just needs to be consistent.

Cleanse and Moisturise

The first and the most straightforward step towards healthy skin is regular cleansing and moisturizing; it is advisable to use a moisturizing body soap that ensures your skin gets the proper nutrients and remains supple and nourished. A great product suited to this requirement is Fiama Gel Bathing Bar, enriched with nature’s goodness. Fiama’s bathing bars come in 5 variants, and they help moisturize the skin making it appear soft, happy, and bouncy.

Balanced Diet

Healthy skin is an outcome of a balanced diet. The food we eat provides the building blocks for the healthy functioning of our bodies. Therefore, our diet has everything to do with the health of our skin. Food’s nutrients, minerals, and proteins support collagen production and healthy cell membranes and protect skin from harmful stressors, such as UV exposure.


While most of us hate the idea of having crow’s eyes and lines while we smile, we rarely realize the benefits of a simple smile. When we smile, the blood flow gets better, and the skin receives more oxygen and nutrients. This can help you develop a healthier complexion alternately. It also leaves you stress-free, making you look happy and radiant.

Drink Enough H20

With our bodies comprising 70% water, drinking a sufficient amount of water is the easiest way to keep your skin healthy and hydrated. In addition, drinking adequate water helps flush out toxins from our bodies, preventing pimples and acne and boosting the skin’s elasticity. No wonder water is called the elixir of life.

Move Your Body

Along with cleansing and proper nutrition, another aspect that is important for happy skin is movement. When we move or burn calories, the body produces chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins interact with the receptors in the brain and trigger positive feelings and happy thoughts. This feeling of pure happiness and joy reflects on the skin, thus having the power to completely change your mood and keep you and your skin beaming.

So the next time you aspire for soft & happy skin, remember to start with the basics.

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