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Schwarzkopf Professional, a leading hair cosmetic brand, hosted an exciting educational workshop, Royal Alchemy, following the launch of their flagship color brand, IGORA ROYAL. The workshop in Bangalore was an unveiling of the IGORA ROYAL collection of looks with Schwarzkopf Professional’s Hair Experts, Najeeb UR Rehman and Bony Sasidharan at ITC Gardenia on the 26th of July. The event witnessed prominent trade partners and top technical heads from leading salon chains in attendance as models sashayed down the ramp showcasing the marquee looks. Marking it as an immersive experience, an interesting watch-and-learn session also took place live on stage.

IGORA ROYAL delivers powerful color performance and offers a wide assortment of colors in high definition, with uncompromising coverage and unbeatable retention. Through this event, Schwarzkopf Professional aims to truly empower colorists to create iconic looks by exploring every aspect of their creativity and fulfilling the clients’ color needs with high-definition color results.

Schwarzkopf’s hair experts presented distinct looks which were co-created exclusively for Schwarzkopf Professional – Auburn Haze, Kyoto Black, Mocha Melt, Pink Celestial, Savannah Lights, Biscuit Blends, Frosted Glaze, Bohemian Chocolate, Vivid pastels by showcasing the color performance of key products from the range. Meghana Harikumar from The Balcony Stories got to speak to Najeeb and Bony. Below are the excerpts.

Najeeb UR Rehman- Schwarzkopf Professional Hair Expert

Tell us how you got into styling

Styling is an essential part of hairdressing; I learned basic hairstyling during my initial days and practiced. Over a period, I kept my learning instinct alive and improvise. The haircut or color will not come alive if we don’t style it properly according to the texture and length of hair not to forget the face shape and height of a person.

What was it being a hairstylist when you started and how is it now? How has your journey been so far?

Being a hairstylist has always been a pleasure to me, the learning avenues that we have right now have not been earlier. We always use it to make notes and while practicing or working we use it to keep it handy. The Internet has really changed the learning experience, these days we have videos and other digital supports to see the latest happenings around the world. But one thing remains common…. Which is Practice and practice.

Every day there is something new in the industry. How do you cope?

Hairstylist is a trendsetter, it is always important to be in touch with the latest, not only in the hair industry but also in the fashion industry with regards to colors, texture, trends, etc. for that I constantly check the latest fashion websites and apps, follow industry leaders all around the world, practice the latest and Indianize these looks.

What is your source of inspiration?

The source of my inspiration comes from, trend collections from professional brands like Essential looks from Schwarzkopf professional and various other international brands also I follow industry legends on Instagram and street fashion.

Many people find it tough to choose a flattering hair color. Would you suggest how to exactly choose the color?

Hair color enhances someone’s skin color, and should be influenced by eye color, these are the two points we need to keep in mind when we choose a color for anyone, especially when performing female coloring, though this phenomenon works for men’s coloring as well. Importantly we need to understand hair color creates an illusion, like if someone has thin hair- they should not go too light and if someone has very thick hair then they should consider a little lighter highlight. If we keep these things in mind, choosing a color would be easy.

Could you name your favorite products from Schwarzkopf for conserving the color and integrity of the hair?

BC Color Freeze range of products along with Osis Magic (anti-frizz gloss serum) on towel-dried hair and after drying, to retain color for long and also keep it shiny and healthy.

Bony Sasidharan- Schwarzkopf Professional Hair Expert

What is the best part about being a hairstylist and a colorist?

The best part of being a hairstylist is to work closely with your client. You get to enhance their personality, you develop confidence in them, you can make their dream come true, and you make them look good. There are a lot of emotions involved in this profession as you work with different personalities. Being a colorist gives you an opportunity to play with colors and there is a lot of fun in that.

Your journey so far in the industry

I choose this profession in search of fun, and I began my carrier at a salon as an assistant hairstylist, helping my seniors and directors with hair wash and stuff. Later I got an opportunity to join a professional haircare brand at MUMBAI and traveled across the country for training. Since 2007 I have been working with Schwarzkopf professionals and this just has been amazing so far. I started as a trainer and now I take care of all the premium salons across the country and handle all the creative shoots or workshops.

How and why did you become a colorist? What inspired you?

I always enjoyed working with colors as I used to paint during my school days. I missed that part during my college and banking days. I went in search of fun and found heaven! I think my first day at a professional salon made me realize that I belong here, and this is a place that I was always meant to be.

The trends keep changing and some of those trends stays forever. It would be unfair to compare old-school hairdressing to modern-day’s trends. If old-school hairdressing is fashion, then I would call old-school hairdressing a classic. I don’t think I would ever compare.

What would you say to the newer generation of colorists?

Keep your basic strong

Tell us something about that unique experiment you have done.

I love to play around and create color combinations that are not present in the strand chart. The current Igora Royal collection is based on the client’s personality. I really wanted to offer these color combinations to the industry so that my fellow stylist can offer these services to their clients. Hair colors are an easy way to express your emotions hence developing something in person is important.

Who is your hair color icon?

Lesley Jennison and creating a team of ‘xpresion creativos’ truly inspire me to think out of the box when it comes to hair colors.

Since its inception as a family business by Hans Schwarzkopf in 1898, Schwarzkopf Professional today holds a worldwide leading position in Beauty Care. With the customer at the center of its business model, Schwarzkopf Professional innovates, inspires, educates, connects, and supports the hairdresser, adding real value to its salon business. From cutting-edge products, such as BC Bonacure, IGORA, and OSiS+ and breakthrough integrated Bonding Technology, to bi-annual Essential Looks trend collections, tailored salon support programs, and progressive hairdresser training from ASK Education, Schwarzkopf Professional is continuously Reinventing hair in partnership with the hairdresser. Together. a passion for hair.


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