A Secret Restaurant With A New Wave And Hope Of Oriental Cuisine In Bengaluru

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Right after Masal Dose and Indian Chinese, the authentic Oriental cuisine in Bengaluru is most enjoyed. I say because I am surrounded by people who live and die to eat Sushi. Tapping the same taste of the Bengalurians, many Asian restaurants have popped up in recent times. According to a recent survey, One in every five Gen Zers and Millennials eat Asian noodles as weekday lunch, one-quarter for dinner. Sushi has reached a 2 billion dollar category.

Well, did you know that there was a secret passage next to Zed the Baker, which led to a beautiful restaurant on MG Road? The board outside says Dunsvirk Inn. As you enter the gate, I’m sure you will be surprised to see a well-maintained, cute passage that leads to the newest oriental restaurant, ‘Ikigai.’ The sight of this restaurant oozes out excellent and calm vibes. It truly gives you a sense of fulfillment, as the name suggests.

Ikigai is an experimental Oriental, focusing on Japanese, Thai, and Singapore Chinese. It aims to be technique-driven with an emphasis on presentation.

Sudden Orgasm

All that you need to do once you enter Ikigai is to order for ‘Sudden Orgasm’. Yes, you heard me right. One big ‘O’ for this fresh drink made of Red Wine, Bitters, Asian Cordial, and Orange served with two Rum-filled grapes coated with milk chocolate. The sight of the glass will elate you; take my word. I asked for two extra drunk’n grapes. I was helpless.

Ebi Tempura Roll

I am not a sushi fan because I cannot eat raw meat. But Ikigai staff suggests a cooked meat roll, and that is Ebi or Prawn tempura sushi. A great crunch of the tempura prawn engages with the chewiness of the rice. The cucumber placed next to the roll augments the crunch. The sweet ginger and the hot wasabi add in contrast to this dish.

Tamarind Prawns

This Southeast Asian dish features mouth-watering tamarind sauce with crushed garlic and a touch of brown sugar. The tangy flavor is an overwhelming treat for summer.

Holy Basil Chicken Fried Rice

The Holy Basil Chicken Fried Rice is very similar to Pad Gaprow, except for adding rice to the main components of the dish. The spicy, sticky, and humble rice will blow your mind and tease the taste buds with its garlicky notes.

Warm Mango and Sticky Rice

It is the peak mango season, and what better than ‘Khao neow mamuang’ aka Mango Sticky Rice could be a close to heart dish. This original Thai dessert is now consumed throughout the Indo-China region. The warm coconut milk with fresh mangoes with glutinous rice and palm sugar gives you a very cozy feeling. Ikigai’s this heavenly dessert will undoubtedly transport you to Southeast Asia.

The other menu stars are Pandanas Chicken, Magic Sushi,  Ikigai Poong curry served with Idiyappam, and Rainbow Custard with Coconut Cream.

Interesting fact

The cocktails and drinks menu at Ikigai is much focused and concept-driven and wrapped around the theme and ambiance of the place. They have also worked around the “Sorbet and Seltzer” concept, where alcoholic seltzers are paired with sorbets to promote Low ABV cocktails. Another interesting fact is that the bar is run by students and instructors from the European Bartender School, Bangalore, meaning that bartenders run the entire show from waiting tables to handling the bar.

Address: Ikigai, Dunsvirk Inn, Anil Kumble Circle, MG Road, Bangalore

Timing: 12.30 Noon to 12 AM

Contact: +91888442 232 3


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