Akihi Announces Its Arrival With 10 World Class Vegan Skincare Products

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New Delhi: Akihi, a homegrown premium skincare brand, takes immense pride in announcing the launch of its wide range of world-class vegan skin care products in the country. The brand has launched 10 vegan skincare products under its umbrella that feature Remove the Dust Cleansing Balm, Clean Up Gel Face Wash, Effortless Exfoliation Face Scrub, Calm the Soul Toner, Genie In The Bottle Facial Serum, Relax the Soul Face Moisturizer, Serene Dreams Night cream, Smooth Out The Edges Body Butter, Brighter Smile Lip Scrub and Own Your Smile Lip balm.

Tulsi Sharma, Co-founder of Akihi, said to The Balcony Stories, “We are very excited with our product offerings. Our skincare products are being launched after thorough research and testing. Each of Akihi’s products promises to deliver top-quality and effective results. In the vast range of available skincare solutions, we are sure our products would stand out and be well accepted by our targeted users.”

Acting on the growing need for sustainable living, Akihi laid a greater emphasis on contributing to the environment by offering its products in visually-appealing glass bottles. With Minimalist packaging featuring pastel colors, and glass bottles, the brand is designed to be gender-neutral.

During the pandemic, the already-expanding clean, and vegan overlapping beauty businesses saw a surge in popularity as customers prioritized health in their shopping decisions. Akihi aims to tap into this growth opportunity by launching its skincare product portfolio.

Savita Sharma, Co-Founder, Akihi, said, “With Akihi, we wanted to stand out in our approach as opposed to other market players. After carefully capturing the market trends and changing customer expectations, we’ve created unique products that are superior in quality and equally effective in application. Similarly, for the marketing and sales of the products, we chose to leverage the fast-growing digital space. Currently, we are selling through our website and leading e-commerce marketplace Amazon”.

Brought to life by two enthusiastic entrepreneurs Tulsi Sharma and Savita Sharma, Akihi intends to establish its market presence and subsequently aims to become a top brand in the coming years, ensuring superior quality skincare products and services. The brand also aims to encourage mindful beauty consumption and an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Launching initially with 10 products, the brand aims to add many more solutions to its repository in the coming months.

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