Amala Earth, A Curated Marketplace For Planet-Positive Labels

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Born out of the need to create an earth-friendly community where all living beings can co-exist harmoniously, Amala Earth is one of a kind platform for responsibly sourced products that one can trust. The brainchild of Gunjan Jindal Poddar, Amala Earth is built on the bedrock of Indian origin and inculcates conscious living.

Eco-friendly plantable diary and seed paper pen.

Amala Earth strives to not just be a brand for selling earth-friendly and consciously manufactured products. Instead, the holistic vision is to instill and inspire the idea of a fresh perspective toward a mindful lifestyle. The platform seeks to sensitize people toward a lifestyle that enables and empowers them to make an actual difference in preserving and conserving natural resources.

Eco-friendly wooden vase.

India has a wealth of niche labels with mindfully curated products at its core. Amala Earth gathers them under one umbrella and gives conscious shoppers access to a range of products. Paving the way forward, Amala Earth has a distinguished and stellar collection of products that span the realm of home, beauty, personal care, child care, plantable stationery, and pet grooming products that serve different purposes. Amala Earth strongly supports and promotes local farmers, artisans, and ancillary community clusters who produce handcrafted, handwoven, and handmade products.

Sustainable multicolor digitally printed soy fabric slip dress.

Commenting on Amala Earth’s anniversary, Gunjan Jindal Poddar, Founder said, ‘’Amala Earth is inspired by Amala consciousness, the ultimate form of purity in Buddhism. Undoubtedly, the earth is central to our purpose of living consciously. Through this platform, I solely aim to build a community of like-minded individuals where responsible choices are supported and transformation is embraced. I intend to engage with brands that are keen, consciously in tune with nature, and can bring earthly experiences into people’s lives’’

Amala Earth’s website is user-friendly and offers a seamless shopping experience whilst shipping products across India.

Handspun cotton relaxed fit co-ord set.

Amala Earth is a one-stop marketplace that enables conscious consumer choices with over 15,000 products under its aegis. It gives great importance to a value-based community of like-minded individuals. The way forward is to evolve as a collective movement that will be the driving force in transforming consumer behavioral patterns by providing alternative solutions for an earth-friendly lifestyle. The platform treasures the authenticity of locally produced products that are conscious alternatives to be used at home and around us. At Amala Earth, responsible choices are supported and transformation is embraced.

Build your conscious lifestyle with Amala Earth

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