Anand Sweets Revolutionises The Gifting Experience With The Innovative ‘Wish App’

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Bengaluru: Anand Sweets, South India’s most beloved Mithai destination, has redefined gifting and celebrations with the launch of their new ‘Wish App’ this festive season. This web-based app facilitates the easy and joyful exchange of emotions among loved ones, skilfully incorporating video messages into Mithai gift boxes using ‘Wish Cards.’ These cards feature an embedded QR code and are accessible at all Anand Sweets outlets. Anand Sweets has been an integral part of celebrations and festivities for decades and now the brand takes a step forward by infusing technology into meaningful bonds with its personalised ‘Wish App.’

The ‘Wish App’ is a user-friendly web-based application accessible through a unique QR Code available as ‘Wish Cards.’ These cards are conveniently located in all of Anand Sweet’s stores – in-store and online. Customers can simply request a ‘Wish Card’, affix it to their Anand Sweets gift box, and scan the QR Code. Upon launching the app, customers can record a heartfelt video message, and enter the recipient’s contact details. When the gift box is delivered, the recipient can scan the same QR Code, and instantly access the heart-warming personalised message. The recipient can also share the video across their social media platforms or download it for a lasting memory.

“Anand Sweets has long been a part of all celebrations and now using cutting-edge technology with the ‘Wish App,’ we are able to tie in a stronger personal touch for each occasion. This innovative app perfectly encapsulates our unwavering dedication to upholding traditions while enthusiastically embracing the possibilities of the future,” says Arvind Dadu, Managing Director at Anand Sweets & Savouries.

The ‘Wish App’ is a versatile solution for individuals seeking to express their emotions through personalised video messages, complementing gifts purchased either online or in-store. Anand Sweets enables online customers to commemorate significant life events, festivals, and celebrations with an unforgettable and personal gifting experience. Meanwhile, in-store visitors can enhance their festive greetings and special occasions using the ‘Wish App’ to add a personalised touch through video messages. Also, corporate clients can now elevate their giveaways and events by integrating personalised video messages, fostering deeper employee engagement and connection.

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