Bhava Coffee, Telling The Tale Of South Indian Coffee Overseas

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As a journalist, and especially as a South Indian, the most important part of my day is the first-morning coffee, I can call it the sacred morning coffee. I’m sure all you coffee lovers know why I am calling it “Sacred”. One good cup of coffee before my morning errands, meetings, and to-do list always gets me through the day.

Also, there is nothing more rewarding than brewing your cup of coffee at home, no matter how you do it. But, what matters is that good, aromatic, fresh coffee powder. I have always walked to a local coffee grinding store to buy my coffee until I found Bhava Coffee. Bhava Coffee, a superior indigenous/filter coffee craft blend is the right option for a coffee lover. They follow top-notch roasting and brewing techniques to bring out the best taste and flavor from the coffee beans which in turn are of the best quality and have been carefully handpicked.  

Recently for The Balcony Stories, I had an opportunity to speak to Bharath GB, one of the Co-Founders of Bhava. Prashanth Nayak is the other Co-Founder. While Bharath is an engineer and designer by profession, he is also extremely passionate about food.  Prashanth Nayak on the other hand is a data analyst with vast experience in data science and technology.  

Bharath originally from Malnad is also a professional designer who has worked on renowned projects like Taaza Thindi, Arogya Ahaara, and many other well-known food joints in Bangalore.  When asked about why he is roasting and blending coffee, he said, “I am from the Malnad belt where coffee has a lot of significance in our daily lives. The coffee of the Malnad region is known for being one of the best filter coffees in India. Hence, I was very passionate about coffee and it was only apt that I and Prashanth started our food journey with the beverage. Also, every time we see a cappuccino or an espresso, we feel that the Indian method of brewing coffee should also be given the market and recognition it deserves as this is one of the healthiest and easiest ways of making coffee. Thus, we have a mix of specialty and indigenous coffee blends giving consumers a wide choice.” 

Bharath GB with Bhava Coffee.

The motto of Bhava Coffee is to popularize the indigenous way of brewing coffee even in places where other brewing methods are popular and also to establish new experience centers across locations so that customers can experience the taste, texture, and benefits of Indian coffee and propagate it. Speaking about the experience center, Bengaluru will be able to physically go to the Bhava Coffee experience center very soon. 

Currently, the founders are concentrating much on building the brand presence outside India. when asked why, Bharath said, “When I was traveling in 2018 many parts of Europe, the Middle  East, and other countries had options like Americano, Latte, Cappuccino, Expresso, Frappe, and much more. These coffees are brewed and researched. Filter Coffee was nowhere seen as if it doesn’t exist. So, post getting back, after a lot of research and market study, Prashanth and I decided to tell the tale of South Indian filter coffee to the whole world with Bhava Coffee.”

Bhava Coffee at present offers five unique blends, Anandam (An occasional delight, perfect to enjoy with friends and family. This coffee tastes good with or without milk and gives instant caffeine satisfaction. With an aroma of roasted nuts, the result is a balanced cup with a smooth feel to the mouth and leaves you wanting more).

Yuga (A walk down memory lane this coffee blend is inspired by our ancestors who drank cups full of peaberry coffee, roasted evenly due to its round shape. A common composition of 70% Arabica Peaberry and 30% Robusta Peaberry brings out the uniqueness of a creamy cup with a buttery mellow finish and mild fruity notes).

Asmita (A tribute to our nation, this traditional blend is an exotic combination of all Indian Specialty coffees – Monsoon Malabar, Robusta Kaapi Royale, and Mysore Nuggets. True to its rich and diverse culture this cup of coffee is bold, flavorful, and can be enjoyed in a traditional percolator or a global filter). 

Dainika (Your everyday constant, this coffee blend is curated to achieve a cup with a strong body and syrup brew. The addition of Indian specialty coffees like Monsoon Malabar and Robusta Kaapi Royale make this an aromatic blend resulting in a velvety feel to the mouth and a long aftertaste). 

Vanilla (A care package, this blend is created by our coffee experts combining our country’s love for coffee and baked sweets. There’s a slight hint of natural vanilla when combined with coffee that fills the room with an aroma of a freshly made tiramisu. It has a velvety texture and a long aftertaste). 

While most companies focus on the aspect of just sourcing the coffee beans, Bhava Coffee lays emphasis emphasizes the whole bean-to-cup experience.  The blends are curated based on key coffee attributes like aroma, flavor, body, and aftertaste that the customer wants to experience. 

“Bhava has invested mainly in research on the entire coffee-making process.  We have an in-house team of coffee connoisseurs as well as Q graders and barista champions who curate specialized blends. We strive to craft our artisan blends using the best quality coffee. Refreshing and flavorful, the blends are a perfect fit for the discerning customer who loves the best of both worlds; taste as well as quality,” said Bharath when asked about the efforts put into the brand. 

“Attention to detail is critical at Bhava coffee when it comes to the processing and packaging of the raw materials.  We source our coffee beans from different parts of India which are roasted to perfection.  The superior product packaging ensures that the product remains flavorful and fresh. The double-layered packaging ensures safety, maintains the coffee aroma, and has a pleasant appeal,” he added. 

Bhava coffee is now available on their website and major e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Tata Cliq, Zepto, Blinkit, etc. 


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