Bring The Gourmet Coffee Experience Home

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With a hustling schedule of work-from-home, many individuals who love Gourmet Coffee cannot visit boutique cafés to enjoy a freshly brewed cup unless they’re someone who ceaselessly tiptoes around. With no convenient options to enjoy café-like coffee whenever the heart desires, most people settle for other conventional coffee options at home.

Here is where Smartisanal®Coffee brand Coffeeza® provides a modern solution. Unlike other coffee players in India, it allows coffee lovers to enjoy authentic café-style Cappuccinos, Lattes, Espressos, Americanos, and so much more conveniently at home. In addition, the brand offers a range of premium Italian coffee capsules and coffee machines, with which one can enjoy freshly brewed barista-style beverages from the comfort of their homes or offices within minutes.

Whether you need your regular wake-up drink or a refreshing brew during the day, all your coffee cravings can be satisfied. Using Coffeeza® is easy – drop in the capsule, press a button on the Coffeeza® machine, and your gourmet coffee is ready. Each capsule contains the exact quantity of coffee grounds, perfect for one serving. The machine extracts rich and indulgent café-style coffee by forcing nearly boiling water through the coffee grounds under high pressure, just like a café. All this takes place at the touch of a button. The used capsule automatically ejects into a hidden tray, is collected in lots, and sent back to the brand under their Capsule Recycling Program.

Each Coffeeza® capsule contains 100% freshly roasted ground coffee, sourced from the best coffee plantations worldwide, which is then roasted and blended to perfection by experts in Italy and sealed into capsules. The capsule’s unique design keeps the coffee grounds fresh for up to 24 months. The brand has six coffee capsules Classico, Intenso, Cremoso, Forte, Single-Origin Ethiopia, and a Decaf blend.

The brand currently retails two models of coffee machines. The Lattisso One-Touch Machine can brew a cappuccino in under a minute; it can also brew espresso and lungo. The Finero Next Machine, which is ideal for lovers of black coffee, has two brewing options espresso and lungo. Those who enjoy a wide variety of milk-based beverages can pair this machine with the Frothimo Milk Frother, which has hot and cold milk frothing options.

Coffeeza® also has a range of single-serve pour-over coffee drip bags made of specialty-grade Indian Arabica coffee. Each of the four variants is distinguished by its origin, taste notes, and roast profile. The variants are Light Roast, Medium Roast, Medium-Dark Roast & Dark Roast. These convenient drip bags are perfect for people who like to have their coffee on the go or at work to save time. Each sachet of the pour-over coffee is portable, compact, and nitrogen flushed. Just tear the bag open, anchor it over a cup, pour in hot water, and enjoy delicious pour-over coffee in minutes, without any compromise on taste or quality!


The Lattisso One Touch Machine is available at an attractive price of Rs. 24,999/-, while the Finero Next and Frothimo are priced at Rs. 13,499 and Rs. 4999 respectively, inclusive of 18% GST. With each machine, you get 60 assorted coffee capsules free. The machines can also be purchased on No cost EMI on the brand’s website and priced between Rs. 35 to 40 per capsule (depending on quantity) is an excellent option for gourmet coffee lovers in India. Coffeeza® capsules and machines are *Nespresso® compatible (original line machines).


Coffeeza® machine and capsules are shipped PAN India – they are available on Amazon, Flipkart, BigBasket, TataCliq, and Pricing is attractive with volume discounts, free shipping, and COD options. In addition, subscription plans and Bundles offer regular coffee drinkers the chance for additional savings. The brand also caters to the B2B customer base.

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