Burger Seigneur Now In Whitefield!

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Bengaluru’s favorite gourmet burger joint opens a cloud kitchen for their Whitefield patrons.

The gourmet burger specialist, Burger Seigneur, is now available to everyone in and around Whitefield. Burger Seigneur has been Bengaluru’s go-to place for burgers and more. Providing a one-of-a-kind gourmet burger experience, they have always looked to maintain their reputation of being the best tasting burger joint and boasting their sheer obstinacy for maintaining up-scale quality. Using only imported meat, in-house handcrafted buns, and Organic vegetables, Burger Seigneur has set the bar immensely high and put Bangalore on the maps.  

Burger Seigneur’s Dynamite Lamb

Burger Seigneur has now followed through with Bengaluru’s request to open and serve at East Bangalore, making it easy for patrons to sit at home and get these delicately handcrafted American and European-style burgers prepared with utmost hygiene, delivered to their doorstep. In addition, burger enthusiasts can also now order directly from their website and get these lip-smackers home in no time from anywhere in the city.

Burger Seigneur’s Skillet Cookies

With the cloud kitchen culture booming in namma city, Burger Seigneur is now aiming at being available to everyone across the city through cloud kitchens.

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