Daysie, A New Cozy-Vibrant All Day Bar In Bengaluru

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Bengaluru: The irresistible charm of Kids Kemp at MG Road was enough to earn its distinction as the city’s central hangout for more than 30 years now. That story has been the same for decades, in fact until the Metro hit that road, five and seven-star hotels started popping up. But now, the urban enclave is writing an exciting new chapter into the future of Central Bangalore, especially MG road and its surroundings, establishing itself as a full-fledged foodie mecca with stand-alone and malls with eateries. Trying to keep up with Bengaluru’s ever-changing restaurant scene can be exhausting, but Anirudh Kheny is committed to ensuring every meal you enjoy in this vicinity is as fantastic and memorable as you want it to be. Whether you’re an adventurous eater or prefer sticking to the staples, this man has made sure the perfect restaurant is never too far. A slate of openings has cropped up post the COVID pandemic to serve the increased demand. One such restaurant sorry, all day bar, is Daysie, right next to Kids Kemp. 

In recent times, the trend has changed from working from home to working out of cafes. now, it can be working out of a bar. All thanks to Anirudh Kheny, Neeti Gokhalay Kheny and Atul Sunder. A Casual, breezy and zestful – Daysie is an easy-going all-day bar where you can hang out all through the day and work or rather pretend to (winks). 


Any bar owner will tell you that it’s not hard to make a drink. In reality, cultivating an environment rooted in eye-catching design is the most challenging part. This kind of design elevates the bar into a class of its own, attracting both locals and design enthusiasts. By drawing inspiration from cultures around the world and incorporating arts, Daysie reminds us that drinking in a bar does not need to be boring. The eyes are moving when you walk in this space, from the black-and-white geometric flooring, tall live plants, and a Helical wooden staircase right in the middle of the space to the transom-like windows. The danish-style bar stools help light bounce around this chic space. 

Daysie brings you a globally inspired food menu with influences from all corners of the world. It combines various cuisines and is a recreation of many cultures, recreating authenticity beyond borders with a brilliant take on some of the classics.  Then there are the distinct Indian flavours that the menu effortlessly combines with its global fares. The chefs have brought the most fun and satisfying menu that’s both immensely creative and suits every palette and taste. Paul Prudhomme once said, “You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.” Daysie proves. Forget the silver fork, I am sure you will not use any of the cutlery, the food will leave you aperitive. 

Beets and Ricotta Rigatoni

Starting with an array of soups, salads and crisps to the bar snacks that’ll perfectly complement your drinking session, Daysie serves you the ultimate comfort food to get your appetite going. From the rich Lobster Bisque and Mutton Paya to snacks like Bohri Keema Samosas, Surf Basket, and the Masala and Keema Khakhra, they have got your munchies situation sorted to a tee.

Asparagus Charcoal Risotto

Add to that a Chaat Party with a unique creation like Salmon Papdi Chaat, one of the most lip-smacking, quintessential ranges of small plates that you could ever dream of. The Petit Plates section is essentially a massive list of appetizers with a twist! Then comes the most fulfilling and heart-melting set of stacks and wraps you can find along with perfectly char-grilled dishes straight out of the tandoor. The sheer variety of sandwiches, burritos, burgers, succulent kebabs and tikka, served with delicious in-house dips and fries will keep you smiling throughout the hangout session. There is also a range of scrumptious pizzas and delicious flatbreads that ensure quantity and quality without compromise. 

Full of gratifying Indian curries and gravies, the large plates section brings in the experience of specialities from different parts of India with the most breathtaking flavours that are the highlight of Daysie. With coconut-rich, creamy Thai curry sticky rice, succulent Kung Pao or Hunan-style lamb, Asian Cuisine is also covered in the menu. 

Haleem Butter Toast

In keeping with the brand’s spirit of fun, relaxation, and play, the cocktail program at Daysie reflects and expresses these qualities. Using locally sourced ingredients and treating them with the utmost creativity, they have built a cocktail menu with the most creative flavour profiles. Using premium brands and garnished with the highest quality ingredients, their Signature Cocktails combine sweet, sour, and bitter flavours. Among their Twisted Classics section are a set of all-time favourite classic cocktails that are given a personal touch with terrific twists to make them more explosive and memorable. My favourite is their exclusive G&T collection called Ingineous. A remarkable set of Long Island Iced Teas infused with homemade brines, teas and floral notes that blend perfectly with all the white spirits is something you can’t miss out on. 

Last but not least they have a range of Dessert Cocktails, which are made specifically for those who crave sugar and liquor at the same time. These creamy blends are perfect for that post-meal satisfaction. 

Spread across 10,000 sq ft with a seating capacity of 400, Daysie has a perfect mix of indoor and outdoor seating. From the meandering stone-paved pathway dotted with seating arrangements and landscape creating a tropical al-fresco dining experience to the facade which is an ode to the classical with a hint of whimsy, Daysie is an exclusive one-of-a-kind experience in the heart of the city.

Address: Daysie, Ground Floor, No. 18, Ramanashree Arcade, M.G. Road, Craig Park Layout, Bangalore 560001

Timing: 12:00 Noon – 12:30 AM 

Reservations: +9180 4725 0000

Valet Parking Available




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