Dazzling Diwali Hampers: Unveiling the Art of Gifting with Spectacular Hampers

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Bengaluru: Diwali, the festival of lights, is not just a time for illuminating homes and hearts but also for exchanging heartfelt tokens of affection. Selecting the perfect Diwali gift for your loved ones can be both exciting and daunting, as it’s an opportunity to express your love and appreciation. Whether it’s for family, friends, or that special someone, finding a thoughtful and meaningful present can make this festive season even more joyous. In this article, we’ll explore a range of unique and thoughtful gift ideas to make your Diwali celebrations extra special for the people who hold a special place in your heart. From traditional to modern, The Balcony Stories got you covered with the best Diwali gifting options to make your loved ones feel cherished and valued.

Coppetto Artisan Gelato

Make your Diwali celebrations even sweeter with Coppetto Artisan Gelato Hampers! This beloved gelato haven offers special hampers that make for perfect gifts to honour the cherished bonds that light up your Diwali.

Each box is a genuine treasure trove of artisanal gelato delights, featuring a delightful array of flavours to delight your taste buds and warm your hearts. The rich Chocolate and Raspberry gelato flavours symbolize the enduring love shared among families. The exotic pistachio flavour stands as a testament to the exciting adventures undertaken together during the festival of lights.

PRICE: Rs 210/- onwards 

Anand Sweets

South India’s beloved Mithai destination, presents an exceptional festive collection that harmoniously combines the richness of time-honoured techniques with the finest ingredients. Embracing the spirit of the festival of lights, Anand Sweets invites one to embark on a journey of joyous gifting through thoughtfully curated Exclusive Mithai Gift Boxes, Signature Packs, and Assorted Mithai Packs.

With a new era of gifting, immerse in the splendour of Anand Sweets’ Exclusive Mithai Gift Packs, including Timeless Elegance, Royal Opulence, Divine Fusion, Nature’s Bounty, and Elemental Symphony, all wrapped in exquisitely designed gift boxes. The boxes display a luxurious selection of Mithai, crafted to perfection. Whether it’s the exquisite Kaju Kalam or the delightful Cranberry Burfi, each box is a celebration in itself. With options in both small and large sizes, they ensure a perfect and impeccable gift for every occasion.

Anand Sweets’ Signature Packs redefine the art of gifting, showcasing the exquisite Royal Bandhan—a fusion of dry fruits and Mithai with enticing options like Fig Mango Fusion, Baklava Dry Fruit Tart, and Roasted Almond Channa Burfi. The Royal Baklava Tin includes an assortment of Turkish Baklava, while the Mysore Pak Celebration Tin adds a touch of grandeur and celebration. Meanwhile, the Assorted Mithai Packs present a vibrant medley of traditional favourites, including Motichur Laddu, Banaras Sohanpapdi, Kesar Roll, Bombay Halwa, Balushai, and more. Meticulously crafted, these packs aim to infuse Diwali celebrations with an explosion of flavours.

Yazu Patisserie

This Diwali, get ready to embark on a delectable journey of sweet indulgence with Yazu Patisserie’s specially curated Festive Gifting Hamper. A celebration of flavors, the Festive Gifting Hamper from Yazu Patisserie, is not just a collection of delectable treats; it’s an expression of love, warmth, and good wishes and the perfect choice for those looking to delight their loved ones.

A testament to the artistry and craftsmanship of gourmet delights, each item is lovingly crafted to ensure a memorable experience and includes a splendid array of tempting treats that will tantalize your taste buds and add an extra dash of sweetness to your festivities.

Choose individually or create your own hamper with an assortment of exquisite offerings that include:

  • Gourmet Cakes: Creamy & decadent, choose from epicurean delights like Chocolate layered cake, Petal cake, Berry Cheesecake etc.
  • Decadent Brownies: Rich, fudgy, and utterly irresistible.
  • Assorted Cookies: Buttery, crunchy, and melt-in-your-mouth cookies, perfect for pairing with your favourite beverage
  • Biscotti Delights: Crispy, twice-baked perfection for a delightful crunch.
  • Tea Cakes: A delightful slice of heaven with every bite.
  • Special Sauces: Elevate your meals with our signature sauces like Burnt Chili Oil & Sichuan sauce
  • Bomb Piñata: A fun and delicious Diwali special waiting to be revealed and much more

Whether you’re sharing these delectable creations with family, friends, or colleagues, Yazu Patisserie’s Festive Gifting Hamper is the embodiment of festive spirit and culinary excellence.

Price: INR 390 to 1800 

Chumbak Marigold Collection

The globally inspired homegrown lifestyle brand, has announced the launch of its latest Marigold collection of homeware and gifts. The collection is inspired by the auspicious Marigold motif, a perennial favourite in Indian homes.

Designed to infuse your celebrations with energetic colours and prints that perfectly complement the aura of the season and adds a touch of warmth and joy to your home. This collection spans various categories, including dining, home décor, gifts for loved ones, and gifting accessories for gift wrapping.

The collection is perfect for those planning to host Diwali parties and decorate their homes for the season. Chumbak’s products draw inspiration from cultures and art forms that symbolize the Indian festivity, blending them with a fun, colourful, and modern aesthetic that is joyful and uplifting. Whether you’re looking to revamp your dining table, decorate your living space, or find the ideal gift, Chumbak’s all-new Marigold collection promises to be a delightful addition to your Diwali celebrations.

Price: Starting from INR 995

Sleepy Head Home Furnishing

Upgrade your gifting game with Sleepyhead/ Best home makeover gifts from Sleepyhead,  with the Diwali Sale. Introducing the most stylish and uniquely designed home furnishing items, all starting at affordable prices. This Diwali checkout Sleepyhead’s range of bedsheets, dohars, blankets, throws, rugs, and cushions at unmatched prices. This festive season, consider adding a touch of allure to your gifts for your loved ones with Sleepyhead home furnishing products. Elevate the elegance of your Diwali celebrations with Sleepyhead and make it a delightful gifting idea.
Price: Starting at just Rs. 799

Olfa Originals’ Oud Bakhoor – The Essence of Celebration

As the joyous festival of Diwali approaches, the quest for the perfect ambiance to complement your festive celebrations begins. Among the multitude of elements that contribute to the festive spirit, a signature scent plays a pivotal role. It has the remarkable ability to set the mood, evoking feelings of happiness, positivity, and a touch of nostalgia. This Diwali, immerse yourself in the world of Olfa Originals’ fragrances, where quality and innovation converge to create scents that encapsulate the very essence of joy, warmth, and celebrations.Olfa Originals, renowned for its unwavering commitment to crafting exceptional fragrances, invites you to embark on a sensory journey like no other. As the festivities take center stage, discover how the symphony of our fragrances can fill your heart with cheer and nostalgia. These fragrances have the power to create lasting memories and enhance the spirit of celebration during the festive season. Wood chips soaked in Oud oil and adorned with gold flakes. Bakhoor burns to spread the lingering fragrance of Oud. Experience this auspicious journey of energy healing by rituals igniting a serene sanctum.

Price: INR 7500

Meethi Si Diwali With Bombay Sweetshop 

Mithai is a big part of everyone’s Diwali memories and this season too, whether you are with family or with friends, celebrating with your partner or officemates, Bombay Sweet Shop is here to ensure you have a ‘Meethi Si Diwali, Happy Si Diwali’. A Diwali with old-fashioned sweetness in an exciting avatar – with everything from meetha to namkeen, classic to contemporary, all etched in tradition and reimagined for your delight. Indulge in the festive spirit with our exquisite Diwali Collection! Hand-crafted with care and 100% vegetarian, this limited-edition festive collection features an array of irresistible mithai. From the Kaju Gulab Roll to Malty Coffee Paak and delightful Pista Khubani Cassata Barfi, each treat promises to hit the sweet spot. Savour the delicious Hazelnut Besan Barfi, Nutty Date Barfi, the timeless Badam Paak, Saffron Kaju Katli, and everyone’s favourite Mighty Motichur Laddu. Made with no added preservatives, our offering is pure joy in every bite! What more? All these indulgent sweets are presented in specially designed festive mithai boxes and beautiful gift hampers adorned with gold embellishments (think fireworks, fairy lights and the constant shimmer) including the Diwali Delight Box ( 950/-), Diwali Dhamaka Box ( 1590/-), Chocolatey Diwali Hamper ( 1990/-), Teen Patti Diwali Bag ( 2290/-), Diwali Party Treats Box (3290/-). They come with playful additions and festive essentials including assorted nuts, chikki, cookies, savoury snacks, artisanal clay diyas and a deck of the sweetest playing cards – packaged and sealed with a whole lot of love.

Magnolia Bakery 

Magnolia Bakery’s delightful hampers are perfect for festive gifting, adding joy and sweetness to the celebrations. Available both in-store and online, Magnolia Bakery invites everyone to celebrate Diwali with sweetness and style.

Customers can choose from an array of Magnolia Bakery’s delicious desserts to customise and create unique gift boxes. Leaving one spoiled for choice, one can choose from an enticing selection of goodies- Chocolate Chunk Cookies, Magic Cookie Bars, Double Fudge, Sno-ball Cookies, Almond Biscotti Jar, Hazelnut Hand Pie, and more. An exciting option also features a trio of Vanilla, Mocha, and Red Velvet Cheesecakes, complemented by a delectable range of Icebox bars. These delicious hampers are as beautiful as they are delicious.  Each hamper box has been carefully designed to capture the spirit of Diwali. These meticulously crafted hampers serve as an ideal gift to share love and joy during this festive season.

Price: INR 1,700 + tax onwards

Call: +91 96067 46364


Appetize, a brand that does handcrafted delectable that are nourishing and delicious. At ‘Appetize’ traditional recipes are reimagined to create delicious gourmet indulgences that make for the perfect Diwali gifts. Led by an all women team that believes in quality and healthy snacking this one’s a festive gifting favourite, given the long shelf life and honest & rich ingredients.

What’s more festive than a crunchy snack made from pistachios and roses? This is just one of the many traditional Indian snacks, mouth freshers and palate cleansers that are re-imagined by Appetize in modern avatars and packed in pastel sachets for on-the-go, healthy snacking. Shop candied pecans, neem and acacia crunch, pecan sandwiches and walnut sandwiches, spiced nuts to pair with your drinks. These gourmet edibles are clean, nourishing  and guilt-free – great for gifting but also for bedside snacking.

The entire festive range is handcrafted and curated into tasteful hampers to suit every budget and palate to elevate your snacking experience with nourishing offerings, each beautifully presented in reusable jars & packaging. Prices for the festive trays start at Rs 1200 onwards. 

Cosmix Wellness 

DIWALI gifting offerings from Cosmix – a one stop solution for all the healthy body requirements. Celebrate ‘Happy & Healthy Diwali‘ with these products. Extending the hamper of love and care to family and friends would change the game of gifting this season. Help your loved ones to keep their fitness in check. These unique health benefit jars would be the best-pick to present to your near and dear ones this Diwali. By choosing these, you’re contributing to their health and happiness in a meaningful way. 

Healthy Hair by Cosmix has the right mix of ingredients along with all the vital nutrients to support good health of your hair. With the goodness of amla and vitamin C , Healthy Hair makes the best pick to give it to your loved ones. Ingredients remotely sourced and mindfully formulated products add to thoughtful gifting culture. 

Amiel Gourmet

Amiel Gourmet- a collective establishment of modern French cuisine in Bangalore, introduces exciting Diwali Hampers, meticulously crafted to add a touch of gourmet elegance to the celebration. These exclusive hampers can be pre-ordered for both delivery and takeaway. Available in two options, the hamper features an array of delightful treats, including Homemade Jam, Biscotti, Pralines, Assorted mini cookies, Macaron, Chocolate Bonbons and more, ensuring this Diwali is brimming with delicious delights. These hampers cater to diverse tastes and are ideal for sharing moments of joy during Diwali celebrations, whether for gifting or enhancing festive gatherings. Additionally, tailored and personalised special hampers can be created upon request.

Call: 8884441259 / 98458 62027

Price: Starts at INR 2000 plus taxes

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