DYU Healthcare Celebrates The 7th year Of The Launch Of Baby Spa

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Bangalore: DYU Healthcare, a leading provider of holistic healthcare solutions, celebrated the seventh year of India’s first baby spa on with celebrity mom photographer, Amrita Samant. Designed exclusively for infants aged between one month and 1.5 years. This 6000 sq. ft. pioneering facility aims to promote the well-being and development of young children while ensuring their utmost safety.

Having launched in 2016 as Little Baby Spa and renamed as DYU Baby Spa, the facility offers a unique combination of therapeutic treatments and engaging activities that are tailored to nurture the baby’s growth. Their comprehensive spa experience begins with a gentle and soothing full-body massage and gentle cleaning, specially formulated to cater to the little one’s delicate skin.

Alongside the cleansing, infants can participate in the hydrotherapy session. The process takes place in specially designed tubs, to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for babies and infants. To ensure the baby’s neck is adequately supported, a DYU Baby Spa custom-made neck ring is carefully positioned, allowing them to explore the water environment with ease.

Hydrotherapy is known to promote motor skills development, muscle strength, and coordination. This unique water-based therapy has numerous benefits, including improved digestion, enhanced sleep patterns, and increased muscle tone.

The experience at the baby spa also includes a relaxing full-body massage using special oil. The massage helps to promote circulation, stimulate sensory development, and provide overall relaxation for the baby.

As a part of the grooming process, the centre provides manicure and pedicure services to babies and kids. The child’s nails are attentively trimmed by trained professionals with utmost care. To ensure safety and well-being of each child, DYU’s dedicated team of experts undergo extensive training on safety protocols and hygiene practices to ensure a secure and nurturing environment for every baby visiting the spa.

Furthermore, in celebration of this remarkable experience, DYU Healthcare offers parents the opportunity to participate in a photo session with their little ones. The entire procedure is meticulously documented through a videography service, allowing parents to cherish these precious moments for a lifetime.

“We are excited to celebrate the 7th year of the baby spa, a sanctuary designed to provide infants with a unique and enjoyable experience that supports their growth and development,” said Dr. Prashanth Gowda, Pediatrician and a Neo-natal specialist, founder and Director, DYU to The Balcony Stories. He adds, “We believe in the power of early interventions in promoting the overall well-being of children, and our spa services are tailored to meet the specific needs of infants while maintaining the highest standards of safety and hygiene.”

DYU Healthcare is a leading provider of holistic healthcare solutions for Women, men and children, It’s a complete family care centre, committed to improving the health and well-being of individuals across all age groups. With a focus on innovative and evidence-based practices, DYU Healthcare aims to deliver comprehensive services that enhance the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of its clients.


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