Easy Home Remedies For Dark Circles Because The Eyes Are The Window Of The Soul

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Every one of us wants to have beautiful eyes, the path to which is the healthy skin around the eyes. Undereye dark circles and bags are the most common problem faced by teens to wise. The most common reasons for dark circles include Genetics, Sleep deprivation, Eyestrain, Allergies, Excessive sun exposure, and Age.



  • Good sleep – at least 8 hrs of sleep is needed. Adequate sleep reduces strain to the eyes also makes dark circles look less prominently.
  • Head elevation- Elevate your head with a few pillows to prevent fluid accumulation under your eyes which can make them look puffy and swollen.
  • Decrease screen time and take frequent breaks to avoid strain to the eyes. Blink your eyes often.
  • Cut down on Salty foods- salt causes fluid retention and cause puffiness of the face and eyes
  • Avoid alcohol – Alcohol causes dehydration which in turn leads to dark circles and eye bags.
  • Avoid smoking – Smoking depletes your body’s antioxidant stores which help in the collagen build-up.
  • Hydrate yourself well
  • Night routine – Improve your night routine by cleansing off the makeup before going to bed and wash your face every day at night. Makeup products if left overnight can cause irritation, allergies, and undereye puffiness.

Cold compresses

Massage around the eyes with ice cubes covered in a washcloth helps in improving circulation around the eyes and also shrinks dilated blood vessels, thereby decreasing puffiness of the eyes.

Green Teabags

The caffeine in the tea contains powerful antioxidants and may increase blood flow to your skin. It’s also said to protect against UV rays and potentially slow the aging process. Take used green tea bags. Let the tea bags chill in the refrigerator for 20 minutes. Then, squeeze out apply to your under-eye area. Leave the tea bags on for 15 to 30 minutes.

Fruits and vegetables

Cucumber, potato, tomato, orange juices massaged around eyes help in decreasing dark circles and under-eye puffiness.


Do not forget to apply sunscreen around your eyes. To prevent photo pigmentation. Sunscreens should be a broad spectrum one protecting against UVA and UVB.


Increase antioxidants and vitamin C rich food in your diet. Any colored fruits and vegetables like papaya, carrots, pomegranates, oranges, etc have a lot of antioxidants that are needed for healthy and glowing skin. So include them in your diet. Before we begin our journey of beautiful skin around the eyes just be aware that healthy skin is not a miracle it requires commitment.

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