Fête De La Musique 2022 In Bangalore

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The Fête de la Musique (FDM) is a music festival created in France in 1981 and celebrated throughout the world usually on 21 June to welcome the summer season with joy and good humor. It is an important artistic musical event that is popular, open, and above all convivial.

The Fête de la Musique promotes music in two ways: firstly, it encourages amateur musicians to perform voluntarily in the streets and public spaces. On the other hand, thanks to the organization of numerous free concerts, both amateur and professional, it gives the wide audience access to music of all kinds and origins: classical music, jazz, rock, world music, traditional music…

The Fête de la Musique has been celebrated in Bangalore and in the network of Alliances Françaises in India for over 40 years. Given the presence of an important artistic musical breeding ground in Bangalore, the celebration of the FDM has always been popular and has never lost its momentum. As a launching pad, FDM has enabled many groups to build their reputation.

This year, and especially to ward off the bad luck of covid, the theme chosen for the festival is BACK TO LIFE. The Alliance Française de Bangalore, The Bangalore School of Music, and Bangalore Creative Circus, three partners involved in the promotion of music in Bangalore, have come together to make FDM 2022 a resounding celebration. Thus, the Music Festival will be celebrated not only on several dates but more importantly in 3 different locations:

  • At the Alliance Française de Bangalore, on June 17, 24, and 25 from 4 pm (Thimmaiah Rd, opposite UNI, Kaverappa Layout, Vasanth Nagar)
  • At Bangalore Creative Circus,18 and 19 June from 4 pm
  • The Bangalore School of Music, 19 June from 4 pm (No. 8, CBI Main Road, HMT – HBCS Layout, RT Nagar)

On the organizational front, a Call for Application has been issued to artists. About forty groups have already registered with a few days to go before the closing date. In view of this enthusiasm on the part of the artists, we can expect a popular and varied festival.

With a vision to create a more peaceful, joyful, and harmonious world for all life on this planet, Bangalore Creative Circus is an Urban Living Lab committed to inspiring and enabling sustainable systems, and a regenerative culture of living. Manisha Vinod, Co-Founder, Blr Creative Circus, said, “The power of music and its ability to influence our emotions, thoughts, wellbeing, and behavior towards others, is often underestimated. It has by far proven to be one of the best mediums of communication. While one must enjoy music just as is, for flourishing cities, you need to harness the powerful nature of music, to solve the world’s problems! We’re thrilled to play a role along with (AF & BSM) in bringing music – Back to life, Back to Bangalore!”

Jagadeesh MR Director Operations and Head of Contemporary and Jazz Dept, The Bangalore School of Music adds, “Fete De La Musique and Alliance Francaise are synonymous with each other, traditionally and immensely popular with musicians and bands in the city. The Bangalore School of Music is a cultural partner with Alliance Francaise ever since its inception and celebrating World Music Day is important to its vision of keeping the spirit of music alive, especially amongst youth to bring about an artistic sensibility and to foster peace, goodwill, and harmony…

Dates & Venues:

  • Alliance Française de Bangalore, on June 17, 24, and 25 from 4 pm
  • Bangalore Creative Circus, 18th and 19th June from 4 pm
  • The Bangalore School of Music, 19 June from 4 pm
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