Goodness Of Cucumber And Mint For Cool Summer Ready Skin

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Summers are upon us, and by the looks of it, the mercury is set to beat all records this year.
To power through heatwaves, we rely on staying hydrated to replenish the body moisture
lost to the winds. But what do we really do to our skin?

In winter we indulge in that extra dose of moisturization or a pamper sesh every now and
then. In summer, we track back to lots of showers and talcum. It’s a welcome change to
have a quick bath-to-ready schedule without added steps. So how about we make the
products used in the shower really work harder for us?

In comes the summer stars, the cooling duo of Mint and Cucumber. These natural, easy-to-access ingredients do all the work that you need to keep your skin moisturized and cool,
especially when used in your daily shower. Cucumber keeps your skin hydrated and mint
helps it keep cool and moist, ready for your day out. They are easier to tap into if they are
the primary ingredients in your body wash, like in the Vivel Bodywash Mint + Cucumber
variant available in the market. All you need is a coin-sized amount, which gives plenty of
lather and also washes off easily, making it the best choice for a quick morning shower or an
indulgent evening bath.

Vivel Bodywash Mint and Cucumber formula also pack in essential oils in the form of
vitamin C for that extra care that you definitely need. This trusted concoction cleanses
effectively and leaves skin feeling non-oily. It rejuvenates and refreshes dull and tired-looking skin. It is easy to share with family – every drop of body wash is fresh and untouched.
This body wash provides you with a hassle-free and luxurious experience. It is also
dermatologically tested and is suitable for all skin types.

Price and availability: 240 for 500ml
Available across: Kolkata & Delhi

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