Hungry Hippie For Hookah And Food

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Hookah smoking originated many centuries ago and many believe that it originated in India. But, it is now popular in countries like the Middle East, Turkey, and parts of Asia and Africa.

Hookah, also called Sheesha, was a big hit in the 90s. It was popular amongst college students during that time. Socialising was easy with Sheesha and hookah bars were a place to gather with friends. As a student myself, then, I had a few favorite hookah joints. After some time, there was a ban on hookah sales and we all returned back to our regular cafes. 

Now, in the last few years, hookah bars have come back to the city with more innovation. 

One such Hookah Parlour is Hungry Hippie in Koramangala, fifth block. I just wanted someplace to chill and entered this joint thinking it would be a shady one. But, surprisingly unlike the other joints which are more shady than fun, the Hungry Hippie is a vibrant cafe with an exciting atmosphere.

Hungry Hippie has a broad menu for sheesha lovers and the best part is that they serve the exclusive Turkish Oduman. “Only we serve the Turkish Odamun in Bengaluru. This sheesha has 6 channels of smoke discharge, and turns hookah smoking into a visual pleasure,” says Adithya Singh, Manager, Hungry Hippie. Their signature flavor profiles like Manali, Kodai, Hampi, Pushkar, Woodstock, Vattakanal, and many more are incredible and true to a hippie. 

Along with Sheesha, the beverages and food at Hungry Hippie are a big hit. The charcoal, Pink, and Orange Lemonade is something you really need this summer. A variety of shakes, coffees, and teas make their Beverage Menu. 

When it comes to food, I was spoilt for choice. Starters from around the world, tandoor, Italian, Indian, American, Sizzlers, and Salads are a part of their hugely spread menu.

The traditional thick, green pesto sauce tasted bright and herby from the basil and salty and rich from the cheeses. It was just right garlicky, with pleasant grassiness from good quality olive oil. Well, it was raining and what better than the stuffed Chilli Bajji could have made the evening even great. The crispy bajjis and the perfect potato stuffing make this dish a recommended one at Hungry Hippie. They do not have many desserts on the menu, but you can go for their classic sizzling brownie and honey cake. 

Hungry Hippie offers you a great combination of outdoor patio seating and brilliant food. If you want to chill with no-nonsense crowd around along with Hoohak, just head to this place.

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