Illuminate Their Diwali: Five Celestial Treasures To Gift Your Dearest

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Bengaluru: Diwali, beyond being the festival of lights, is a time for bonding, togetherness, and heartfelt connections. We all find ourselves eagerly searching for that perfect gift to make our loved ones feel cherished and special. As the joyous occasion of festive season approaches, gifting jewellery becomes a perfect way to celebrate with your loved ones. Make this Diwali truly special with gifts that warm the heart and light up the season. The significance of gifting jewellery during important festivals goes far beyond a symbol of the love and emotions we hold for our dear ones, as it also creates cherished memories and a touch of nostalgia that people hold close to their hearts. This festive season, let’s surprise our loved ones with stunning and celestial-inspired jewellery from Mia by Tanishq’s ‘Starburst’ collection crafted in exquisite 14kt gold bringing the cosmos to life in every intricate detail. Let’s nurture our relationships and fortify the bonds of love and togetherness with versatile jewellery that make this special occasion so dear to our hearts.

Get ready to embark festive-gift shopping adventure that’ll be perfect for your loved ones with these 5 extraordinary jewellery pieces – 

A modern heirloom inspired from the traditional Nakshatra

Pendants are symbols of affection and care, serve as tokens of love for the special people in our lives. It conveys the message that their presence in your life is invaluable, enriching your journey together. Gifting this nakshatra pendant with a modern twist to the classic 7 diamond setting will serve as an heirloom of love and cherishment within your family. Let her rock parties or ace her career with this unique, chic pendant. This versatile pendant knows no bounds and can be worn for a multitude of occasions, making it a multi-purpose jewellery piece.

Pendant Capturing the Harmony of Sun-Moon Duality

This pendant symbolizing the sun-moon duality, beautifully reflects the unique and harmonious relationships within your close family. Just as the sun and moon coexist in perfect balance, so do mothers and daughters, sisters and sisters-in-law, each complementing the other and creating a beautiful harmony in their relationships. This pendant can be a heartfelt gift for your mothers and sisters symbolizing their special bond, or a loving gesture to your sister-in-law, signifying the unity they bring to each other’s lives. Gift them this Diwali to complement their classic silk saree or any indo-western attire. 

Star-Studded Earrings That Light Up Your Style

This Diwali, light up your spouse’s world with the gift of these dazzling earrings, as of your affection and an enduring symbol of your enduring love. Each time they wear these earrings, they’ll be reminded of your thoughtfulness and the radiance they bring into your life, making every moment a celebration.

 Drop Earrings inspired from cosmic burst of stars and light to make you the light up every party. The Star Studded Drop Earrings, with their celestial-inspired design, capture the essence of the festival and the radiance of your love.

Elevate the Festive Spirit with Mia’s Celestial-Inspired Bracelet 

Distance shouldn’t be a reason that your family and friends don’t get to feel how important they are to you. A bracelet that captures the night sky, complete with the moon and stars, elegantly encircling your wrist. The night sky with the moon and the stars tied around your wrist with this awe-inspiring bangle. Don’t let distance keep you from showing your family and friends just how much they mean to you. Choose your gifts online and create a beautiful surprise for your loved ones as they receive an unexpected jewellery gift at their doorstep on the joyous occasion of Diwali.

Reimagining the Classic Chandbaali with a Modern Flair

This festive season, indulge yourself in the modern version of Chand Bali – a contemporary take on the classic Chandbaalis, adorned with diamonds, pearls, and blue sapphires. Make a statement with this stellar piece, celebrating your own radiance and unique style. It’s a symbol of self-love and self-appreciation, reminding you of your worth and individuality. Illuminate your spirit this Diwali with this elegant self-gift. 

Throughout the season, grace your outfits with striking and versatile jewellery pieces from Mia’s Starburst collection for festivities, get-togethers, luncheons, dance nights or evening parties.

This season, it’s time to dazzle this festive season with exquisite jewellery pieces from Mia by Tanishq’s latest collection ‘Starburst’ which captures the essence of the sun, moon, stars, and planets, resonating with the festive spirit of Diwali. ‘Starburst’ offers a diverse range, ensuring that every woman’s jewellery reflects her individuality. This Diwali, let ‘Starburst’ be the guiding star to illuminate your celebrations. The new collection offers a wide range of beautifully crafted of earrings, pendants, arm-cuffs, bracelets and neckpieces. Starting at a price of Rs. 2999/ onwards, the collection is available across all Mia stores.


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