India’s Largest, Bespoke, ‘Truly’ Craft Beer From Goa Maka Di Launches In Namma Bengaluru

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Latambarcem Brewers from Goa unveiled their bespoke bottled craft beer MAKA di for the beautiful people of Bengaluru over a Sunday Brunch at the Park.

MAKA di offers four different beer variants – Belgian Blanche, Belgian Triple, Honey Ale, and the Bavarian Keller with the fifth, the American Lager expected to be out in mid- 2021. The ingredients for these have been sourced meticulously from various regions they are best known for. The sweet oranges in the Belgian Blanche come from the orange capital of the world- Valencia in Spain, the malts are sourced from Finland, Britain, and Germany and the wild organic honey for the Honey Ale is sourced from the Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand. The Belgian Triple has been curated exclusively in partnership with Lupulus Brasserie in Belgium.

The label design with astronauts as the mascot is reflective of the playful and easy style of the beer and also symbolizes the voyage of exploration that each craft beer lover cherishes.

Co-founder and CEO of Latambarcem Brewers, Aditya Ishan Varshnei, said, “Bangalore was the obvious choice of city for us to come to after launching the brand in Goa. The city known as the pub capital of the country has some serious beer connoisseurs, many microbreweries, and a passion for the frothy golden drink, like none other.” Co-founder and Chief Production Officer, Anish Varshnei said, “We believe the people of the garden city will enjoy the craftsmanship that has gone into creating these unique variants and we are very excited to launch our craft beer brand in Bangalore.”

The event in Bangalore was designed as a beer and food appreciation session to showcase how well the brews go with food.

Maka di from the Latambarcem brewery will be available in

  1. Tonique
  2. Drops
  3. La Cave
  4. Pegs- House of booze
  5. Dewars wines
  6. The Winery
  7. Beer Box
  8. Taproom by Sherlock’s
  9. Liquids Cunningham Road
  10. Once upon a bottle

Latambarcem Brewers is a greenfield craft brewing company based out of Goa, India. The company was born in Goa and has adopted the name of its birthplace, in true Indian tradition. Its Chairperson is Pradeep Varshnei. Latambarcem Brewers also specializes in small-batch craft Kombucha production under the brand name Borécha.

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