It Is The Great Monsoon Festival At Daysie – All Day Casual Bar

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Bengaluru: Daysie : All Day Casual Bar brings you this monsoon’s ultimate comfort food you can find in Bengaluru with ‘The Great Indian Monsoon Festival. When the rains are pouring and the weather is dreary, they are bringing you a one-of-a-kind finger food menu filled with lip-smacking vadas, cutlets and chops perfect for this weather. Pair them with our exclusive menu featuring a slew of vodka-based cocktails to make the most out of this rainy season. Infused with various teas, herbs, spices, syrups and homemade bitters, Daysie’s cocktails compliment their monsoon snacks to the tee and create an array of refreshing drinks – perfect for the monsoon!

Madurai Mutton Kola Vada

Enhance your mood with their Madurai Mutton Kola Vada, Sabudana Beetroot Vada or Kashmiri Rista Chicken Vada. For those who love to indulge in seafood in this chilly weather, they have a rich Crab Claw Vada, Shrimp Cutlets or Fish Kabiraji Cutlets for you. There are also classics like Dabeli Vada, Vazhakkai Vada and Cheese Burst Vada and lots more that are available right through the season. So, prepare yourself for a symphony of flavours inspired by the magic of the monsoons.

Cloudy Colada

The monsoon season brings refreshing showers and a cool respite from the summer heat. What better way to embrace this delightful time than indulging in monsoon-inspired cocktails? Discover a selection of enticing drinks crafted with vodka that will elevate your rainy season celebrations and make your day at your favourite casual bar in the heart of the city!

Venue: Ground Floor, No. 18, Ramanashree Arcade, Mahatma Gandhi Rd, Craig Park Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

Time: 12 noon – 12.30AM

Date: August 14th – September 17th 2023

For reservations call: +9180 4725 0000

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