It’s a man behind a woman’s success, this time: Tanya Shanker

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The 14-year-old Tanya Shanker has taken the Bengaluru music world by storm and is poised to soon spread her wings internationally. Yes, you read that right – Fourteen years old, she turned professional in 2018 under the guidance of her manager and mentor Richard Andrew of Moksha Academy, who has been training her since she was 10 years old. Since then, she has been performing on a regular basis across the country apart from writing and composing her own music. She has performed with some of the country’s biggest names including Girish Pradhan and the Chronicles, Perfect Strangers (Hornbill winners), Carlton Braganza (OPUS), and Ritwik Bhattacharya (Pineapple Express) to name a few.

Her first single ‘Thank You Mum’ released in March 2019 and was viral with over twenty thousand views and a horde of industry accolades. This was followed by yet another hit single, ‘Be Yourself’ which did even better.

Tanya’s debut album, ‘Battlefield’, is being launched this Nov 14th, with seven tracks in the pop-rock genre, and has been produced by Richard Andrew. “Battlefield is the metaphor for my teenage psychological struggle, confusion, and chaos,” says Tanya.

“Basically, the songs in the album are all about all that a teenage mind goes through. Love, broken hearts, society, pressure from parents and school, mobile phones, and a lot more,” added Richard. The Battlefield songs were written over a period of two years, starting off when she was 12 with the help of her mentor Richard, and the lyrics personify teenage trials and tribulations. The album features some top artists and musicians from India and France, who have been a part of Tanya’s musical journey.

“Tanya is a remarkable young voice emerging from India, she is quite extraordinary,” said Arati Rao of B-Flat and Highnote Entertainment.

Richard Andrew and Tanya Shanker complement each other for the shape of the album and said that they are grateful to be a part of this musical journey and hope to create history. Tanya says “Am releasing an album, pinch me I must be dreaming. I’m super excited coz each of these songs is special to me and we can all relate to it. Usually, they say that there is a woman behind every man’s success  but, this time it is vice versa.”

“My parents have been really supportive. I must be the luckiest to be their daughter because they are just amazing and do not have a problem with me staying out for practice, recording, and shooting. In fact, they drop me and pick me from anywhere I am, at any given time,” added Tanya.

The album will be available on SPOTIFY, I-TUNES, Google, Amazon, and all major streaming platforms.

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