Jade Forest Celebrates Beauty In Diversity,

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Artist, Designer, and illustrator, Param Sahib is known for his quirky, offbeat design sensibilities. Jade Forest partners with him to create a one-of-a-kind limited edition label that captures the essence of India. The label is dedicated to the soul of India, its various colors, components, and hues that define our diversity.  The thought behind this collaboration is a simple one; differences should encourage diversity, not divide.

Inclusivity and diversification are not just buzzwords that should be emphasized only during certain months of the year. At Jade Forest, we want to celebrate diversity throughout the year, and encompass all those communities or individuals who have faced discrimination in any shape or form, be it regarding physical, cultural, economic, gender differences, or others.

Punweet Singh, Co-Founder at Jade Forest, talks about the philosophy behind the inception of this collaboration, “Art has the power to bring communities together. Be it a social message for a cause, or simply narrating a story, it gives freshness and purity to the delivery of a message. We see this collaboration with Param as a way to tell a shared story and inspire belongingness. We don’t want to simply “start a conversation” about acceptance, but make it the norm. Through Beauty in Diversity, we hope to inspire and encourage you to wear your story like a boss.”

Shuchir Suri, Co-Founder at Jade Forest, says, “We often confuse diversity with differences. This one-of-a-kind limited edition bottle is a reminder that while diversity comes in many different colors, it can still fit together beautifully. The label is a tribute to the plethora of mindsets, personalities, and beliefs that prevail in our country. As we honor and celebrate the people that make India so unique, we also want you to immerse yourself in that celebration, embarking on a journey of change and acceptance.”

Param Sahib said, “The idea behind this label was to capture the colors, elements, and hues that represent the diversity of India. When one looks at this bottle, I want them to think – ‘India’. This campaign with Jade Forest is unique because while a lot of focus is given to Pride month and working with people from the community around this time, this campaign talks about inclusivity for people from all walks of life.”

Through this campaign, Jade Forest aims to truly make a difference in the community, and not only be a messenger of social change. A part of the proceeds from the sale of the Limited Edition Ginger Ale will be donated to Naz Foundation, a non-profit that works in the field of empowering the LGBTQIA+ community & adolescent children with HIV from economically marginalized communities. Naz’s vision is to create a just and equitable society by transforming individuals from excluded communities into agents of change.

Jade Forest is a premium non-alcoholic beverage brand that now has a total of 8 products sold in over 45 cities pan India. The company’s purpose is simple – to create great-tasting, better-for-you beverages made by preserving different ingredients and botanicals in their most true and raw form. By omitting artificial sweeteners, flavors, and colors from all their products, one can expect to experience a symphony of selected botanicals, fruits, and spices that leave a sweet trail with every sip.

Jade Forest was launched in 2019 by two founder friends Shuchir Suri and Punweet Singh. Shuchir Suri is a serial entrepreneur and also the founder of Food Talk India, India’s largest food discovery and experience platform. His encyclopedic knowledge of marketing and crisp understanding of management has been pacified over years of experience. Punweet Singh comes with over 10 years of experience in the F&B industry and has a thorough understanding of product and process development. He has successfully launched and scaled multiple business ventures.


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