Keep your pet safe during the shedding season

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The pandemic has been a tough time for our furry friends. They have been unable to step out, take long walks, and chase anything that interests them. All they have been doing is lounging and vying for your attention while you work from home.

What you may have noticed during this time is the amount of hair they shed, but from the past few days, you will see that your pet’s coat is getting even lighter. This could be a sign of pet shedding. It is a natural phenomenon that happens during a seasonal change. However, it is essential to maintain a safe and hygienic environment for them.

Jinal Shah, a pet parent of a Labrador says, “Shedding is a very common change that happens during this time of the year. As winter approaches, I see that my pet, Lucky has a full and thick coat of fur. But while he sheds, I get frustrated with the amount of hair that I have to clean on an everyday basis. I use a natural, Neem based floor cleaner like Nimyle that is safe for my pet.”

Here are a few tips that will ensure your pets remain protected during the shedding season:

Brush Them Every day: We usually tend to ignore the basics like brushing our 4 legged friends every day, especially when they are shedding. The best way to control the mess is by using a correct brush that is designed for removing dead hair. Invest in a suitable brush to keep the fur from falling all over the home

Add Moisture to their Diet: A healthy diet plays a key role in maintaining the perfect balance of nutrients and vitamins in a dog’s body. While some pets might benefit from omega 3 fatty acids, there might also be some breeds that require additional supplements. Do consult your vet before giving them any supplements

Use Chemical Free Floor Cleaners: As the pet’s skin is exposed to the floors, there are chances of contracting infections and allergies as the cleaners available in the market are filled with chemicals. In such cases, make the switch to 100% natural action floor cleaners such as Nimyle to ensure your pet’s safety

Increase Water Intake: Ideally, in a day, a dog should drink 1 ounce of water per pound of their body weight. It is said that dehydrated skin is a major cause of hair loss

Bathe them regularly: Bathing will not only help your pets stay groomed but the activity also cleanses their coat and remove dead hair. Ensure that you use de-shedding shampoos and conditioners that contain moisturizers and omega fatty acids to hydrate their skin, giving them a shinier and healthier coat.

Trying these options will not just keep your pet groomed and healthy, but it is also the best opportunity to bond with your pet, as the world outside grapples with the ongoing pandemic.

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