Let those taste buds go ‘balle balle’! Take your palate on a foodie trail to the heart of Punjab at this restaurant in Koramangala 

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Get set to savor flavors from the land of soulful cuisine, without leaving town, Bengalurians!

Originated in the northern part of India, Punjabi cuisine is known for its rich, buttery, and soulful array of divine indulgence. The gusto of Punjabis lies in their food culture and heart-warming hospitality. While in regular times, a true ‘food-trot’ around the world would be a flight away, the recently opened Dhaba Estd 1986 Delhi restaurant at Koramangala offers the finest in Punjabi cuisine serviced by a warm team in the heart of the Garden City.

Tawa Chicken Chaap

‘Happiness is found in small plates’ a wise man once said, well to begin with anyway. Dhaba’s must-tries include the Galouti Kebab. Defined by the ability to melt-in-your-mouth completely, the creamy and silky texture leaves you wanting more. For a soft and succulent experience, the Highway Chicken Tikka perfectly garnished with coriander and mint chutney on the side is a good competition to the signature Galouti Kebab, though would perhaps be a bit more interesting if served on skewers for an added presentation touch. A fact-less known is that Punjabis enjoy their fish as much as they relish their meats. Next up, the crispy freshwater fried fish – Achari Machli, perfectly seasoned with chaat masala and a tinge of lime added. But that’s not all. With over 1,000 vegetarian recipes prized in the cuisine, the winner at this restaurant is the scrumptious ‘Achari Soya Chaap’, succulent and flavored with lip-smacking homegrown spices.

Galouti Kebab

The portion sizes are healthy, so make sure you keep some belly space for a flavourful array of mains. The robust meat selection boasted Bhatinda Chicken Curry, a signature dish by Dhaba, and Balti Meat, a quintessential lamb curry served in a wok bowl. Pair these perfectly with crispy pieces of bread like the Garlic Tomato Cheese Naan, Amritsari kulcha – a soft leavened bread stuffed with mashed potato and spices or the quintessential Garlic Butter Naan.

Butterly, velvety Sarson da saag and Makki ki roti, a staple in every Punjabi household in the winters is a definite go-to for breezy evenings in Bengaluru. So don’t forget to make space on the table for this traditional favorite.

Amritsari Macchi

Beverages are innovative at Dhaba. Meerut Ki Shikanji, a classic lemonade with a special twist of flavors and ‘khatta meetha’ Aam Panna – made of raw mango pulp with hints of cardamom, cumin, and black salt.

So come, and let the flavors of Punjab invade your taste buds!

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