Magnolia Bakery And Geist Brewing Co. Collaborate To Launch A Dessert-Inspired Cocktail Menu

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Bengaluru: This August, Magnolia Bakery, New York City’s famous bakeshop, collaborates with Geist Brewing Co., South India’s leading craft brewery brand, to craft a line of cocktails inspired by the iconic desserts at Magnolia Bakery. Curated for both dessert and beverage enthusiasts alike, these dessert-inspired cocktails will be available at Geist Brewing Co.’s Rajajinagar from the 7th until the 27th of August 2023.

The limited-edition menu boasts a selection of three of Magnolia Bakery’s signature desserts reinterpreted to create mouth-watering boozy concoctions by mixologist Revanth Buga at Geist Brewing Co. The menu includes Going Bananas, a cocktail inspired by the world-famous Banana Pudding. Bringing the essence of this dessert with every sip, the clarified tipple is a combination of milk-washed Banana Pudding rum, white rum, a few drops of banana oil and garnished with dehydrated banana.

Next on the menu is the West Village Whisky, a chocolate buttercream old-fashioned drawing inspiration from the beloved Chocolate Buttercream Cupcake and the classic cocktail. The drink is perfected with a silky chocolate buttercream-infused whisky and a hit of chocolate chip bitters, served with a slice of orange dipped in chocolate. Capturing the flavours of the famed Caramel Pecan Cheesecake in a glass, the NYC is made with a deconstructed cheesecake biscuit base and dark rum, topped with a whimsical layer of vodka-spiked cheesecake foam, and a finish of caramelized pecan brittle.

Adding a sweet bonus to the menu, enjoy New York Minute, a chocolate buttercream Tequila shot, with a dash of Kahlua and crowned with swirls of whipped cream for a spirited experience.

Reserve this cocktail encounter for an exciting and unforgettable moment.

Availability: 7th – 27th August 2023.

Time: 12 p.m. onwards

Location & Phone: Geist Brewing Co. Rajajinagar, +91 88677 07102 or +91 88677 07113

Booking Link: Geist Brewing Co. Rajajinagar

Price: Starts at INR 299 plus taxes


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