Maverick & Farmer, Coffee Like Never Before

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How do you like your coffee? Do you prefer an authentic South Indian filter coffee, Strong Cappuccino, classic french press, strong-bodied espresso, an aromatic cold brew, or something even better? Bangalore is filled with Darshinis which serve the best South Indian Filter coffee, also as a contrast, we have Coffee Day, Starbucks, and Third Wave Coffee Roasters on every other street. A good cup of coffee is a poetic experience. Trust me, it is a daunting task to find a good coffee shop that does not have a cliché look and also gives you that poetic experience. Well, there’s that perfect coffee shop I have found for you which is surrounded by green grass, with serene open-air seating for an ideal artisanal cuppa. Maverick & Farmer Coffee in Ulsoor opened its doors to all the coffee lovers in Bengaluru recently only to offer a farm-to-cup café experience.

‘Spresso Citron

Brought to you by the founders of The Flying Squirrel, the Maverick & Farmer Café in Ulsoor serves a collection of maverick coffee from the brand along with international cafe food. With the distinction of being the world’s first café painted with coffee, the place is a haven for coffee enthusiasts. 

A wall that displays an interactive art experience and the intense aroma of freshly ground coffee will greet you upon entering the cafe. The painting is created by muralist and mixed media artist Jessica George who captures the essence of the café in a colossal format. The coffee flower, cherry, beans, and espresso extraction are brought to life with splashes of vibrant colors with a coffee swing perched at one end that makes for a great photo opportunity. 

Homegrown coffee brand Maverick & Farmer is one of India’s few bean-to-cup companies. In addition to several decades of coffee farming experience, the brand conducts experiments in its estate in Pollibetta, Coorg, which is used as a laboratory for developing some of the most innovative coffee blends. Novel flavor profiles and tasting notes are thus brought to the café with brews and blends like the – Cinnamon Almond Coffee, The Parama Cappuccino, Vietnamese Coffee, The Coffee Cherry Soda, and many others. 

The Coffee Cherry Soda is such a refreshing one. Made from the fruity part of the coffee cherry, this drink contains antioxidants. For the first time, I heard the fruit part of the coffee fruit being used. And, with soda. The Clarified Cappuccino, an 8 oz cappuccino made with the perfect milk-espresso ratio is ‘clarified’ using a technique borrowed from a different stream of food science. What you experience is a near-clear ‘cappuccino’ infused with some fruit flavors and rosemary. You will also find a cold smoked coffee, served in a carafe filled with fruit-wood smoke (wood from their estate in Coorg), made using a unique and indigenously developed process to infuse cold smoke into harvested coffee cherries. The ‘Spresso Citron’, a recipe with frozen espresso orange and chocolate, is my personal favorite. Spritzing orange oil on it before sipping the beauty makes it even better. 

Chicken Pesto Burger

Ashish D’abreo, Founder-Partner at Maverick & Farmer Coffee who mans the coffee counter with all its experiments said, “The idea is to create something maverick while sticking to the traditional Indian technique of coffee making. We grow and roast our own coffee to create artisanal blends using unique methods and techniques. Our in-house experiments like cold smoking and fermenting break the mold to give you a burst of fresh flavor profiles.” 

Along with exceptional coffee, the cafe serves international cuisine – from The Square Burgers, Pastrami Sandwich, and Pulled Pork Sandwich to Chocolate Banana Cake and Apple Pie. The square burgers are an attraction. Maverick & Farmer Coffee is the perfect space to hang out and unwind with a cup of coffee and terrific food. 

Gooey-Centred Veggie Balls

Sreeram G, Founder-Partner, who has a background in advertising and branding, talking about the experience at Maverick & Farmer Coffee says, “We aim to serve perfection in brewing to a third-wave of coffee drinkers in the city. The café tells you the story of how our coffee travels from the heart of Coorg to swanky Bangalore. It showcases our myriad coffee creations using some pretty cool single-serve brewing equipment. The food menu is light and complements our coffees while the open space of the café ensconced in greenery charms you with old Bangalore vibes.”

Maverick & Farmer Coffee Estate in Pollibetta

Besides serving indigenous coffee, the cafe offers delicious food items. Being pet-friendly with a free wifi zone the café is a go-to place for people who want to hang out over a cup of joe, the work-from-home crowd, and families. The terrace doubles up as a great outdoor space for events and flea markets. The cozy yet refreshing ambiance is perfect for those who want to step out for that much-needed break. It is also a perfect place for a date if you are a fan of football. 

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