Morning Fresh Sleep, A Plant Based Cure To Sleeplessness

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Bengaluru: People who are looking for health advantages in their diets and beverages frequently consume functional beverages. Convenience and health have both been acknowledged as crucial determinants in customers’ decisions to purchase food and beverages post-COVID-19 pandemic. The functional beverage sector is a sector within the functional food and non-alcoholic beverage market. Due in part to the mature carbonated soft drink business and significant expenditures by big food and beverage firms, it is the area of the industry that is expanding at the highest rate.

Particularly functional drinks are utilised to offer various health advantages. Health drinks have been around for a while, but recently there has been a trend towards an increase in drinks that claim to provide some sort of health benefit.

Most of us will start our morning with one functional beverage, coffee and reach for another at some point before the day’s out. Most of us also can’t sleep during the night. Could be stress, physical pain, and many other factors. Recently, I came across a functional beverage brand “Morning Fresh”. They are available in 250 plus liquor stores in Bangalore and also across India.

The first company to introduce a hangover detox drink in India was Morning Fresh, which is made of Mulberry extract and since then, they have been growing their product line. They recently launched Morning Fresh Sleep. To preserve the greatest levels of quality and security, each of their beverages is painstakingly made in-house. They produce their goods in GMP-compliant factories that are ISO-certified.

With curiosity, I spoke to the 31-year-old Mitali, Founder, of Morning Fresh and below are the excerpts of the interview for The Balcony Stories.

Mitali, tell me about yourself.

I am a Bangalorean, a Criminologist who was working for corporate and started Morning Fresh 8 years ago. Worked with my dad in his Health Line Private Limited, which basically deals with silk and sericulture farmers across South India.

Criminology to Morning Fresh, how did that happen?

It’s been an organic journey, it just happened. I was not a great Science student, I’m sure my science teacher will laugh if she finds out this is what I’m doing now. After a corporate job, being an entrepreneur is freedom.

How did Morning Fresh start?

As I was working with my father, we set up a lab which was into finding out the benefits of Silk as a protein and the bio-applications (human application) of Silk. I was on board to see if we could introduce a new range of products for B2C and the company was into B2B and manufacturing. We found out that Silk as a protein has the inherent nature to help with liver function. That’s where the idea sparked. We have a patent, now.

People are prone to allergies. Mulberry extract is something should be careful about?

Mulberry extract is herbal and is a strong antioxidant that helps you sleep better and builds your immune system while you’re sleeping. It has a history of reducing inflammation, diabetes, high cholesterol, poor eyesight, skin issues, and symptoms of sleeplessness. We have done our clinical trials and we have until now not seen an allergic reaction, so it is very safe.

What is the market reaction to Morning Fresh Sleep?

Our hangover products have been in the market for a long time now, and we have had a great response. Our Morning Fresh Sleep sachets are doing well in the market. We have repeat customers.

Do you plan to come up with new products?

Yes, I’m working towards it. All the products will be in the wellness space and made using natural ingredients.

How do you plan to reach out to the right customers?

We are present in all retail stores and sampling is a large part of the marketing strategy. We do a lot of events to educate people about Morning Fresh Sleep. The Internet is a huge space for us. It is more of a search-related strategy. Sleep is something everyone comes looking for, and we give the required.

Will these need a prescription?

No, it is completely plant-based. It is a lifestyle so needs no prescription. Many yoga instructors, actors, wellness enthusiasts, and cricketers have tried Morning Fresh Sleep and they love it. It is very easy to use. Available in easy-to-use sachets, simply tear, pour and mix into a glass of water, 30 mins before your desired bedtime. You can also mix it into warm water or milk, as per your preference.

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