Mohua Chinappa: My Voice Has The Honest Experience Of Life

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Have you guys heard of MoodyMo Awaaz yet? Among Bangalore’s best and most sorted podcasters, Mohua Chinappa offers over 40 podcasts. She interviews artists, entrepreneurs, and individuals who are working to make their communities more economically and socially just. Mohua is an author, podcaster, voice-over artist, and branding expert. With over 15 years of experience as a Public Relations/Corporate Communications specialist, she is a proven leader in her field.

Formerly the national head of GCI, the public relations arm of The Grey Worldwide Advertising Group, she was responsible for bringing in business and creating campaigns for some of the biggest brands in India and abroad. Also, she has lead teams towards successful campaigns at other communications firms, such as Brandcomm, HCL, and ITC.

Mohua Chinappa

With her new journey now as a writer, Mohua has begun a new chapter of her life. From a cafe, she started a blog and called it MoodyMo. Her blog emphasizes brands that endorse gender equality, nostalgia, arts and crafts of India.

As an empath, Mohua is currently on an entrepreneurial journey. By providing a platform to those voices in society that aren’t heard and deserve recognition, she gives opportunities to whoever crosses her path. Mohua talks to Meghana Harikumar of The Balcony Stories about her journey as a multitasker.

Excerpts below…

Who is Mohua Chinappa? 

Mohua Chinappa is a writer, dreamer, and empath who lives by the words “If I can do it, so can you.”

What is MoodyMo Awaaz all about?

MoodyMo Awaaz is a space for the unheard voices and heroes who go unnoticed. Yet, they are bravely creating a social impact change with their work towards the community or a cause. The guests on the podcast are people who secretly have the imaginative middle finger up when someone tells them they can’t do it.

Why did you decide to become a podcaster?

I was done with being a mother and a wife. My son had left for his higher studies. The empty nest syndrome was the fertile ground to reboot. I began looking for a job as a journalist. But no publications easily entertain women who are rebooting or have had a long sabbatical. Unaffected by rejection, I decided to create a media space to interview people and share inspirational and moving accounts of their lives. There were people across the globe who reached out to share their life stories. Many out of them would never be given a space in mainstream media. I decided to publish their stories.

Any particular reason you write about Gender?

I have been closely associated with many women across sectors. There were migrant women, lesbians, rape survivors, and children of sex workers. I felt I could relate to some aspect of their lives as a woman. My voice shared the experience of a life lived with an innate understanding of a similar journey with its different challenges.

You are a voice artist, a writer, and a PR. How do you manage all of these?

I love being productive and being a mentor to younger people. I wish to share my experiences and help them seek excellence in the work that they do.

Mohua Chinappa

Which is your favorite MoodyMo Awaaz episode?

There are many. Among the notable ones is the Late Kapila Chandran, who shared her life plans for 2022 and is not there anymore. There is also Ma Sheela of the Rajneesh fame and many more such stories of courage and gumption.

You speak to a lot of people; how have they influenced you in your life?

I have learned that all of us want to be heard and respected.

Is there an unforgettable encounter?

Yes. The day my film was selected as the official 2019 Karnataka Election Commission Film.

What is the best compliment you have ever received?

People often tell me that they find me honest and empathetic.

What do you think of the LGBTQ movement in India?

There is more work beyond the pride day celebrations as the only representation in the media. There are transgenders who are misrepresented and are in dire need of employment, medical help, social acceptance, and safety.



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