Namu Recommends, This Weekend!

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Bangalore: Vegan lovers in the city are in for a treat this weekend, as the seventh edition of the much-awaited Namu Recommends Vegan Market, will be held on 25th and 26th of March (Saturday & Sunday) at the Bangalore International Center (BIC), as part of Future Fantastic—a first-of-its-kind AI art festival.

A 2-day vegan market to promote veganism & sustainable living, it will feature the A-Z of vegan brands from the country across multiple categories which include, meat and dairy alternatives, vegan snacks, spices, beverages, chocolates, gluten-free products, gourmet foods, personal care, household cleaning products, plant-based protein, nutraceuticals, cold-pressed cooking oils, condiments, ice cream and desserts.

The market however, is not just for vegans! People with lactose intolerance, which has a high prevalence in India, with almost 60% affected, can opt for plant-based milk and cheese brands which will also be showcased at the market. Brands focusing on sustainability are also featured extensively, from fair trade spices, to eco-friendly personal care products to zero-waste everyday essentials – there is something for everyone.

India has witnessed a propelling vegan food market of late. According to the latest IMARC Group report, the vegan market food size in India has reached US$ 1,324 million in 2022 and is expected to reach US$ 2,463 Million by 2028, exhibiting a growth rate (CAGR) of 10.9% during 2023-2028.

It is therefore no surprise, that the vegan market has garnered the support of the Food & Beverage (F&B) experts, with several leading professionals making a visit to explore potential options and incorporate new ideas into their own businesses.

Celebrity Chef Abhijit Saha, Founder – Ace Hospitality & Consulting Pvt Ltd, who is a follower of the market said to The Balcony Stories, Namu’s Vegan Market is a great platform for Vegan, Organic & Healthy Ingredients and Produce. It gives producers and an opportunity to showcase both traditional and new age vegan ingredients and raises awareness about these ingredients amongst the chefs community and the general public. I have personally visited many of Namu’s Vegan Markets and discovered some amazing ingredients which has enabled me to make my menus more plant forward. Namu’s Vegan Market is wonderful day out full of discovery fun & flavour”.

Chef Sarah, who runs the very popular Copper + Cloves chain of cafes in Bengaluru, is one of the regular participants at the market, adds, “The atmosphere and the range and quality of brands who exhibit is just world class! This is making veganism as a lifestyle more of an aspirational pull factor and accessible to a different crowd”.

The market will take over the BIC rooftop, providing a vibrant and unique outdoor atmosphere, ideal for summer! Visitors can shop from the carefully curated brands, try delicious vegan food from the live food stalls and view the art festival hosted on the other floors of the BIC rooftop, making it a great full-day outing for the whole family.

Lookout for interesting brands like Cosmix Wellness (functional foods), The Perf Ice Candy (popsicles), Gud gum (plastic free natural chewing gum), Shaka Harry (plant based meat), Dad’s Hack (Kombucha), Podi Nan Maga (traditional South Indian condiments), Takshi Bath Essentials (Organic bath products), Brown Koji Boy (Miso and Fermented foods), and Disguise (affordable vegan makeup).

Namu Recommends Vegan Market was founded by Namu Kini in 2021 as an engaging and vibrant event to popularise veganism by bringing together and supporting vegan and sustainable businesses. The Market is the ideal place to explore the delicious world of vegan products, from plant-based food to dairy-free cheese, indulgent desserts, and personal care products. Moreover, the market has been a launchpad for many vegan enterprises, both local and around the country, as well as a proving ground for established businesses looking to launch new products or enter the vegan market. By providing a platform for both established and small businesses, Namu Recommends Vegan Market is committed to making Bengaluru the vegan capital of India and creating a sustainable vegan ecosystem in the country.

Veganism is becoming increasingly popular worldwide, including in India. It is a healthy and ethical lifestyle choice that eliminates animal products from one’s diet and lifestyle, which has been shown to reduce the risk of many chronic diseases. It also helps reduce the amount of animal suffering and pollution generated by the animal agriculture industry, which is a major contributor to global warming. In addition, veganism helps promote a more sustainable lifestyle that is better for the planet in the long run. As people become aware of the environmental and ethical implications of their dietary choices, veganism is rapidly gaining acceptance, and Namu Recommends Vegan Market is at the forefront to make this lifestyle choice more accessible and convenient.

Namu recommends Vegan Market will be held on 25 & 26 March (Saturday & Sunday), 12pm to 8pm at the Bangalore International Centre, Domlur. Entry is free.




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