Quattro, An Extravagant Italian And Mexican Craving

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Bengaluru: After leaving Quattro Ristorante in Richmond Town, all things Italian, and all things Mexican were what I could think of. Quattro recently opened its doors after renovation. Quattro has refreshed its interiors, with a chic new ambience inspired by Italian diners and spaces exuding elegance and minimalism. The newly designed space is Instagram-friendly with perfect natural lighting.


Ambition is in the air at Quattro Ristorante. For the Mexican and Italian food fix, Quattro offers its customers more than the typical combo plates, in a slightly chic setting (designer colours, modern art on the walls).

“Quattro Ristorante is a concept that speaks of innovation, culinary excellence and premium offering. We take pride in our menu as we believe that it encompasses parts of Italy and Mexico, which by far is a tough fusion, but at Quattro, we are always open to experimentation and innovation,” said Pramod, Partner, Quattro Ristorante, to The Balcony Stories.

Filo Parcels

“Quattro Ristorante is committed to offering its patrons an authentic fine dining experience by using techniques of Molecular gastronomy and introducing guests to liquid nitrogen experiences, Quattro is the epitome of advances in Food technology,” he added.

Pasta, Pizza and Tacos are Quattro’s love languages. The pasta itself, made with the best flour and cheese in the world, lives up to expectations. It’s got that snap-chew, alive flavour of things made minutes ago. The Margarita Pizza is everything a dish should be at an Italian Restaurant. The crunch is just perfect with oodles of cheese as topping. My three favourite Italian dishes at Quattro are Canelloni Florentina, Ravioli Rose, Aglio Olio. Basic dishes, done so well. The portions were huge too. I was smitten by the Filo Parcels. Filo pastry-wrapped olives and corn with spices were crisp and delicious.

Jalapeno Queso

The variety of salsas served was a nice blend of acidic tomatoes, strawberries, olives and a kick of spice. The thing about Mexican food is that it’s not as heavy as everyone thinks it is. Quattro’s Mexican menu is full of rich dishes that are meat-free, like soft- and hard-shell tacos with beans, salsa, sauces, and queso fresco; Jalapeno Queso, Bruschetta, Formaggio Di Patate, Fondue, Burritos with various fillings, and Fajitas round out the rest of the menu.

Quattro’s Mexican Menu evokes the feeling of being in San Miguel de Allende, which is located about 160 miles northwest of Mexico City.

Chocolate Dunkers

Apart from its presence in Bengaluru, the franchise has outlets in Chennai, Mumbai and Dubai. Some of the noteworthy desserts include the traditional Tiramisu, Tres Leches and just amazing Chocolate Dunkers. I childishly enjoyed tee chocolate dunkers with fat chunks of supremely velvety chocolate and crispy Filo. My party just began there. Do not miss it.




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