Raksha Bandhan Gifting Guide

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Rakhi is about celebrating and appreciating siblings, protecting them from evil, and keeping them safe. Since we are close to Raksha Bandhan, and if you’re still trying to figure out a thoughtful and valuable gift for your siblings that can help with safety in their own ways, you should check out this super trendy list that we have made just for you guys.

Rakhi Bracelet

All your fashion-forward siblings will love the Rakhi Bracelet from The Leather Story! It is super stylish and a great accessory to wear year-round. The essence remains the same- tied for protection, but make it trendy, also featuring an adjustable tie closure. Upon request, The Rakhi Bracelet is available with a personalized note, traditional Roli, and Chaawal. It comes in three styles— 3-rowed, Wide, and a Single Leather-Braided bracelet.

Fabelle Dessert Collection

Fabelle has brought alive classic desserts from across the world reimagined in chocolate in the Fabelle Dessert Collection and Fabelle Continents Dessert Collection range of chocolate truffles. Dessert Collection reimagines classic desserts from across Europe – Crème Brulee, Tiramisu, Strawberry Cheesecake, Lemon Meringue & Banoffee Pie – in decadent chocolate truffles. Along the same lines, Continents Dessert Collection boasts rich multi-textural chocolate truffles inspired by desserts from across the globe such as Cannoli from Europe, Lamington from Australia, Ras Malai from Asia, Maracuja from South America & Key Lime Pie from North America. The cost for this range starts at INR 625 for a box of 5 truffles and goes up to INR 2200 for a box of 20 truffles.

Classic Travel Wallet

For your travel-loving siblings, the Classic Travel Wallet can store all they’ll need: with nine compartments for gift, credit, debit, and other cards, four slots for money bills they’ll receive during Rakhi, and for their travel, passports, ID cards, and even earphones! The wallet is super fashionable featuring a chic yarn-dyed stripe lining, adding an oomph factor to the accessory.

Essential Notebook Organiser

The Essential Notebook Organiser is for those siblings who are creative and hardworking, and even for the long-distance ones! Rather than sharing a message online, why not share a personalized note offline that you can place in the Essential Notebook Organiser you would be sending across as a gift? It features compartments for an A5 notebook, loose papers, a pen, and even a phone, making it a blessing for your creative and work-loving siblings as it allows one to keep all their documents in one place, handy always!

Classic Watch Box

Designed for professional and home use, the Classic Watch Box is for those siblings who are collectors of timepieces or even jewelry-like bracelets. It features suede interiors, stylishly simplifies life, and helps keep your wardrobe and accessories organized, even while you travel. The chic and made of 100% genuine leather watch box can fit up to ten items, with its soft texture protecting them from scratches.

Bracelet Rakhis

Adding a contemporary and longevity touch to the traditional Rakhi, the bracelet Rakhis also double up as cool accessories! Adding this to your sibling’s wrist will not only up their style quotient but also literally and figuratively endure the test of time and stay on forever.

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LiveAltLife Low Carb Almond Crackers, 12 Crackers

These protein-rich crackers are an excellent on-the-go nutrition option perfect that can be served on cheese boards or with dips etc. An ideal for instant energy

This contains 2.2 % Carbs, 12.4 % Protein and 84.3 % Fats.

Ingredients: Almonds, Olive oil, Cumin seeds, Nutritional yeast, Himalayan Salt.

LiveAltLife Lemon Cookies (With Egg), 6 Cookies

These super soft lemon cookies bursting with the flavor of lemon are a perfect treat for anyone who loves lemon delights. The softness of these citrusy lemon cookies is enough to savor your taste buds. The lemon curd filling inside these creamy delights takes your soul to a whole different world. These buttery melt-in-mouth cookies are low in carb, sugar-free, and very delicious. One can have these crumbly delights when hungry without any guilt.

Ingredients: Almond, Coconut flour, Butter, Cream cheese, Chia seeds, Lemon, Eggs, and Erythritol.



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