Ranga Shankara’s ‘Vali Vadhe’ Goes Online With ‘Staged@RS’

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After performing to full houses earlier this month at Ranga Shankara, the Gajanana Yuvaka Mandala’s ‘Vali Vadhe’ goes online with Ranga Shankara’s ‘Staged@RS’ program! This will be the fourth play under Ranga Shankara’s ‘Staged@RS’ digital streaming program, supported by the Infosys Foundation.

‘Vali Vadhe’ is based on Kuvempu’s ‘Shri Ramayanadarshanam.’ The musically oriented play seamlessly blends elements of Yakshagana, Kalaripayattyu, and a Manipuri art form. ‘Vali Vadhe’ is directed by young and exceptionally talented Kannada theatre artist Ganesh Mandarthi. The Kannada play will also have English subtitles.

While the play pays homage to one of the country’s most well-known epics, it also adapted to present audiences an insight into relationships and a taste of Kannada literature. It uses ancient stories of India, from Kuvempu’s ‘Pundena Agni Saakshi’ and ‘Neem Sathyavrathaneditem,’ to show the depth of love.

‘Vali Vadhe’ will premiere on Fri, 26th Mar 2021 on www.insider.in. It will be available for viewing till 11:59 PM IST on Mon, 5 Apr 2021. The show will be available to national and international audiences.

Ranga Shankara is the definitive space for quality theatre in Bangalore.  Since it opened its doors in October 2004, Ranga Shankara has developed into one of the nerve centers of theatre in India, firmly believing in ‘A play a day,’ resulting in over 6000 performances by local, national, and international troupes in a range of languages in Ranga Shankara’s 15 years. One of the most affordable, accessible theatres in the country (making it a favorite among amateur theatre troupes), Ranga Shankara is also known for its many festivals, such as the annual Theatre Festival, AHA! Festival of Theatre for Children and Equal, all contributing to the richness of Bangalore’s cultural fabric, but India, too.

Date:  Premier on Friday, March 26th, 2021

Timing: till Monday 11:59 PM, 5th April 2021

Website: www.insider.in.

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