Ranveer Singh The New Brand Ambassador Of FreshtoHome

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FreshToHome, the world’s largest fully integrated e-commerce platform for fresh fish and meat, has launched its new brand campaign, #NoShortcuts featuring renowned Bollywood star Ranveer Singh as the brand ambassador. The campaign highlights FreshToHome’s commitment to delivering meats and seafood that are raised, sourced, and handled responsibly and honestly, without taking any shortcuts.

Emphasizing #NoShortcuts, FreshToHome has developed 2 films for the top categories of meat, and seafood, to deliver this powerful message with the powerhouse performer, Ranveer Singh.

The films showcase Ranveer Singh playing the character of a slimy salesman who tries his best to sell shortcuts/preservatives/chemicals and formalin to sincere folks at FreshToHome. However, after getting a taste of his own medicine he realizes that FreshToHome takes no shortcuts in procuring and sells only 100% fresh products to its consumers. Furthermore, he understands that nothing can shake FreshToHome’s integrity and the fact that the brand condemns all dubious methods, making him transform into a FreshToHome believer. The campaign will go live on TV, print, radio, outdoor, social media, and digital platforms.

Shan Kadavil, Co-founder, FreshToHome said “We began our journey with the desire to find safe and hygienic fish & meat to consume. That’s the core of everything we do, & it’s been our rallying cry to deliver only ‘100% Fresh, 0% Chemical’ products to the consumers. We take no shortcuts and believe it’s the small, steady steps that make all the difference. Through our campaign, we further strengthen our platform stance of making only those products available that are without any artificial preservatives, antibiotic residue, or chemicals, in short, taking #NoShortcuts. And, to deliver this message, we are glad to have Ranveer Singh on board as the brand ambassador.”

He further adds, “We believe in only selling products that we ourselves deem fit to consume, and therefore ensure that these are responsibly raised and sourced. Understanding our consumers’ concern about ‘freshness’, we list only those products that are directly sourced from dedicated farmers and fishermen, eliminating middlemen. The robust end-to-end supply chain ensures the nutritive value and quality of products remain intact and is delivered within 24hours.”

Commenting on his collaboration, Ranveer Singh said, “I am glad to be associated with FreshToHome, which is the preferred platform to buy fresh meat and seafood. It feels good to be a part of their successful journey. While we often resort to taking shortcuts whether on-road, at work, or in uncomfortable situations, FreshToHome does not believe in taking the easy way out. They sell produce directly procured from dedicated farmers and fishermen and go the whole hog to deliver fresh, preservative, chemical-free meats and seafood. Nothing can shake that resolve, and that’s extremely commendable.”

The campaign has been conceptualized by Ogilvy and the Visual and packaging identity has been developed by Action & Co.

Commenting on the campaign, Harshad Rajadhyaksha and Kainaz Karmakar, CCOs of Ogilvy India, said, “FreshToHome stands for fresh fish and meat that’s free from any form of chemicals and preservatives. They don’t sell products that use chemicals, formalin, or sell meat with antibiotic residue, they do it the right way, not the easy way. From this truth, we arrived at the #NoShortcuts campaign.”

Furthermore, they said, “We were confident that Ranveer Singh will bring alive our message with his comic timing! It was very cool of him to agree to play a negative character. He’s a pushy salesman who is constantly trying to sell dubious products. The crazy products he peddles make the films entertaining.”

FreshToHome has recently revamped its packaging identity. The new packaging identity resonates with the brand’s commitment to truly ‘owning the source’, that is procuring directly from farmers and fishermen sans any intermediaries. The illustrations capture this sourcing strength by depicting hand-raised chicken, pasture-raised goats, and lamb, fish caught by local fishermen on small boats, daily.

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