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It’s nearing August, we have reached the Monsoon season and we haven’t splashed in the rain even once this year, all thanks to COVID 19. The pandemic has stopped us from going out in the rain, getting drenched, or eating junk. One way we have all turned out to be a little healthy. Just because we are at home, we shouldn’t be stopping showering that love and care on our skin. Hydrating the skin is as important as stay home this season. What better than body butter could we hydrate our skin with? Yes, you heard it right. Body Butters, not body lotions. Especially the natural body butters from Skinphany.

The conventional body care creams or lotions are usually loaded with parabens, chemicals, artificial flavors, and a lot more. Skinphany is a homemade luxury brand that makes its body butter with pure natural ingredients. The natural body butter is usually quite thicker than the conventional ones. Skinphany body butter is made with the natural goodness of Shea, cocoa, aromatic oils like lavender, olive, jojoba, etc.
“The best time to use our body butter is after a shower when the skin is moist. Take a bit, let it melt from the warmth of your hands, apply it with bigger massage strokes. Just feel the goodness of the butter on your skin, enjoy the smell,” says Karen Martin, Founder, Skinphany.

Body butter help in the skin restoration of the neglected areas like lips, neck, feet, elbows, knees, and palms.
“Always keep a pot of Skinphany in your bag, the drawer at your office, the bed cabinet at home, so that you rejuvenate your beautiful skin for the day,” added Karen.
Skinphany natural body butter is also an ultimate cuticle savior. You can get instant results. Just apply a small ball of butter on each cuticle and feel the immediate hydration. I bet, you won’t stop smelling your moist fingers. Skinphany body butters also help you reduce stretch marks and scars because they are high on fatty acids and nutritious vitamins.
Skinphany sources it’s raw Shea and cocoa butter directly from Ghana, Africa. They also manufacture Face mists, body scrubs and makeup removers. Why don’t you try their fragrant, moist body butter now?
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