Reimagine Bengaluru This Earth Day At Bangalore Creative Circus

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Several committed organizations are coming together in order to collaborate on unified climate action for the city. Several civil society organizations will come together to reimagine the future of Bengaluru as a climate-resilient city and to mark Earth Day at Bangalore Creative Circus (BCC) on Friday, 22nd of April.

Power of Imaginations- 3 PM

Talk by Rob Hopkins, the founder of Transition Movement, a radically hopeful and community-driven approach to creating societies independent of fossil fuels.

Reimagining Bengaluru- 4 PM

Harnessing the power of collaborations reimagining our city featuring Rainmatter Foundation, Citizen Matter, Socratus Foundation, Initiative for Climate Action, and others.

The Initiative for Climate Action (ICA) and Rainmatter Foundation will host committed individuals and experienced representatives from a multitude of organizations to collaborate on unifying climate action for the city as well as create an ecosystem to allow any individual, group, and community to address pressing environmental concerns facing the city.

“The participants all possess great tools and methods to bring people and systems together,” said ICA founder Ajay Raghavan. “The reason we’ve chosen to bring this group together is that we all care about a better future and are interested in doing something about it.”

“Bangalore is a city of hope and Earth Day is an opportune day for the city’s community of thinkers and doers to commit ourselves to navigate through the climate crisis, which has begun to manifest all around us,” said Sameer Shisodia, CEO, Rainmatter Foundation. “It is already upon our doorstep and is not some doomsday waiting to happen a few decades down the road. We must act now.”

Members from the echo network, Socratus Foundation, Fields of View & the Initiative for Climate Action, among others will participate in the day-long event, the theme for which is ‘Our Collective Futures’. Participants and visitors will be in for city-themed games,story-telling on the local foods as well as discussions on ecological wisdom, the urban living lab that is BCC, as well as a session with writer-activist Rob Hopkins of the Transition Movement on how we can collectively imagine better futures.

Date: Friday, 22nd of April, 2022

Time: 3 pm onwards

Entry: Free

Venue: Bangalore Creative Circus, 12/2, Yeshwantpur Industrial Suburb, Bangalore

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