Rejoice In Cosy Monsoon Delicacies At Amiel Gourmet 

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Bengaluru: Amiel Gourmet, a collective establishment of modern French cuisine in Bengaluru, embraces the season by introducing delectable monsoon specialities while employing locally-sourced seasonal produce. Anticipate a thoughtfully curated array of soul-satiating French delicacies this August, meticulously crafted by the Executive Chef, Amiel Guerin, available for both lunch and dinner.

Whether it’s a comforting bowl of French Onion Soup accompanied by Gruyère Cheese & freshly baked in-house Sourdough; a vibrantly plated Risotto Vert made with a sublime blend of Arborio rice with spinach puree and topped with shaved parmesan & almonds; or Tarte à l’oignon, a warm flaky tart perfected with caramelised onion & sour cream, the monsoon specials assures a soulful yet flavourful dining experience. Additionally, expect quintessential classics such as the timeless Duck Confit with Chef Amiel’s orange glaze twist or the succulent Lamb Bourguignon, a Burgundy special red wine braised lamb, leaving a truly satisfying impression on the palate.

No monsoon experience would be complete without a heart-warming serving of Homemade Hot Chocolate available on this special menu while sweet encounters include the all-time favourite Crème Brûlée infused with Madagascar vanilla.

Availability: Until the end of August 2023

Location: Sahakaranagar Outlet

Phone: +91 88844 41259

Price: INR 3000 plus tax average for two

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