Revisiting the Jhula

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Swinging with hope and cheer, the 10-day Jhula Fest from January 22 at Madhurya Creations is all set to showcase a range with an aesthetic eye

How often have you heard of a Jhula Fest or a Festival of Swings? Swinging positivity in the New Year will be a celebration of swings where an exotic selection comes through by Madhurya Creations on Kanakapura Main Road from January 22 to 31. This is the right time, post the heat of the pandemic, to admire and recognize native Indian carpenters for having their creative spirits alive.

The Madhurya offer, with nearly three dozen pieces, ranges from single plank jhula made of robust teak wood to varieties of hardwood and carved rosewood in all sizes and shapes. Even chains that hold the swings are artistic brass and steel links journeying you back into classic homes and royal repertoire. You can choose to visit the live Jhula Fest at Madhurya Creations or log to the online showcase ( and have your customized piece ordered for the exact size and design.

The proceeds of Madhurya’s sale support the education of the rural and under-privileged children of the AOL free schools, with 70,000 students across India. Bharathy Harish, Coordinator, Madhurya Creations spoke to Ranjani Govind for The Balcony Stories on what makes the Jhula Fest special. Excerpts of the interview…

It’s interesting that Madhurya is exploring to showcase a gamut of swings?   

Ask anyone, and they will recount pleasant memories associated with the jhula in their childhood, also synonymous with relaxation and family time. So we thought it is an interesting way to start the New Year by celebrating the jhula.

Our culture is known for its assortment of jhulas, with legends associated with Lord Krishna…

Even the mother’s gentle rock on her arms forms the first of its kind for a baby followed by the wooden cradle. While a cloth swing acts as a cozy resting place too, the child later enters the playground swing for recreation and you may have seen a tyre tied with a rope hanging from a sturdy tree that also serves as the perfect swing! Fond memories of our grandparents are often associated with them sitting on rocking chairs or swings with their coffee or newspaper. A decorated swing is part of the various rituals of the Gods too! The varieties are too many – cradles, wooden planks, jhulas with backrests, decorated with spindles, tiles, some little delicate carving, hammocks, cane jhulas, wrought iron swings for the outdoors, and so on. Of course, swings have been witness to the legendary love stories of Lord Krishna and his consort Radha.

The allure to jhulas never ceases, and there are varieties to suit any space!

Since there is an allure towards anything that can help one relax even now, jhulas too continue to have a magnetic pull! Many of us caught up in the fast-paced life cherish the soft rocking that being seated on a swing naturally brings. There is a chord of connection to modern aesthetic sensibilities that has the swing as part of the drawing/living room décor or the balcony.

Often, it turns out that the eldest of the house occupies the jhula, alongside children. In a subtle way, it ensures greater harmony in the household.

What exactly are you offering at the Jhula Fest?

There will be several varieties, sizes, designs, accessories, and recommendations given for swings to be placed in different living spaces. You can come and choose whatever works best for you or log on to our offering online. And the offline fest will follow all safety and social distancing norms. You can also choose to accessorize with furnishings according to your taste.

(Jhula Fest, January 22 to 31, @ Madhurya store, VVMVP Campus, Udayapura, Kanakapura Main Road. 7019138680 /

Latest Design Trends – Panel Discussion  

Don’t miss the live panel discussion on an inaugural day, January 22, 6-30pm (on madhurya _creations – Instagram) on current design trends. Recordings can be viewed on Madhurya’s Facebook page and YouTube. Participants include Architect and Interior Designer Leena Kumar, National Jt. Hon. Secretary, Indian Institute of Architects & Chairperson, ASSOCHAM GEM, Karnataka Chapter; Interior Designer and photographer, Mahesh Chadaga, Committee Member IIID-BRC; Ar. Bindi Saolopurkar, Hon. Past Chairperson, IIID-BRC; Ar. Nitin Saolopurkar, Hon. Past President IIID – moderated by Nandhini Sundar, writer, and Editor, Antarya.

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