Ricky Kej Gifts A Unique Rendition Of The Indian National Anthem For 15 August

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Bengaluru: To commemorate this Independence day as a proud Indian musician, Ricky Kej has conducted the 100-member Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at the legendary Abbey Road studios in London. They have performed a brand new version of the Indian National Anthem. The video will be released today, on the eve of Independence Day (14th August at 5pm). This is the largest Symphony Orchestra to record the Indian National anthem. The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra is recognized as Britain’s most in-demand orchestra. This performance of our Indian national anthem by the massive symphony – conducted by an Indian composer Ricky Kej, will be especially significant since the British have ruled India for over a 100 years.

Ricky Kej has created this anthem as a gift to every Indian, everywhere in the world. This version of the Indian National Anthem will be available to all for any use anywhere (for free, with no need for any Royalties), as long as it is used as it is – with respect and not tampered or modified in any way.

“I have worked on many versions of the Indian national anthem because it is the melody that I love most. It feels really good to collaborate with my favourite British Orchestra to play the Indian National Anthem since Britain has ruled us for more than a century (laughs). I am also glad that I can do this at a time when diplomatic relations between Britain and India is at its best, with an Indian-origin Prime Minister leading Britain,” said Ricky to The Balcony Stories.

3 time Grammy®️ Award winner, US Billboard #1 artist, United Nations “Goodwill Ambassador” and “GQ Hero 2020” – Ricky Kej is an internationally renowned Indian musician, composer, and environmentalist. Ricky has performed at prestigious venues in over 35 countries, including at the United Nations Headquarters in New York and Geneva. His past repertoire of work includes 21 studio albums released internationally, over 3500 TV and radio commercials, and six feature films, including the natural history documentary “Wild Karnataka” narrated by Sir David Attenborough. Ricky also scored music for the opening ceremony of the 2011 Cricket World Cup, held in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Ricky has been awarded the United Nations “Global Humanitarian Artist” award. Among other awards to his credit, he has also won the prestigious “Ban Ki-Moon Award”. The House of

Commons, Parliament of Canada, has awarded Ricky for his “Outstanding Musical and Humanitarian Achievement”. A chapter on Ricky’s life and musical journey is taught in the 7th grade English textbooks in India.

Said to be the most in-demand orchestra in the UK. Thomas Beecham founded the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (RPO), a British symphonic orchestra with its headquarters in London, in 1946. 

Under Beecham’s direction, the RPO recorded more than 250 times between 1946 and 1959. The orchestra has continued to undertake foreign tours and to record extensively since becoming a self-governing organisation in 1963. With the establishment of Royal Philharmonic Records (RPO Records) in 1986, it became the first symphony orchestra to own a recording label. 

One of the oldest and most iconic recording spaces in the world, the Abbey Road Studios, originally known as EMI Recording Studios, is located at 3 Abbey Road in St. John’s Wood, City of Westminster, Greater London, England. The Beatles were the studio’s most renowned customer, using it as the location for many of the avant-garde recording methods they embraced throughout the 1960s. 

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