Setting up your work station? – (S)Wipe right!

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Wherever you are in your ‘places where germs strike most’ research, you might be surprised to know that your desk might be home to as many as 10,000,000 bacteria (source: University of Arizona study). Whether you are working from home, or have started going back to the office, here are a few things you need to do before you start your workday at the desk.

Desktop – Possibly the most touched area while working –  the top of our desks are home to more germs than an average surface. Treat this space as your shrine – wipe it down with a germ protect wipe before you start your day’s work worship.

Work Station– Your work area might appear clean on the surface but you do not know what’s lurking on them. To make them clean and germ-free wipe down your work table and your chair and hand support area using a microfiber cleaning cloth. Using hand sanitizers on these are a strict no-no.

Food delivery Boxes – The more you work, the more you seem to get hungry/snack! With the number of things on your to-do list, you may order food to subside these pangs of hunger. If ordering food from outside, make sure to wipe the packaging it has arrived in before you touch it, to empty its contents onto home cutlery, and make sure you are protected from any and all germs on it.

Stationery and Other Items– The pens stand, stationery sets, staplers, etc on your desk or in the desk drawers need some germ-protecting attention too! These items are so often used by multiple people making them more vulnerable. Make a habit of not sharing your work stuff with your colleagues(if at work) for the time being and do clean them every time before you use it.

While you are at it, choose this time to declutter the desk as well. Marie Kondo never seemed more relevant in our life than now! Limited stuff = limited germs.

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