SkinKraft Steps Into Body Care Range

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SkinKraft Laboratories, India’s first AI-enabled customized beauty and personal care brand, expands its product portfolio with the launch of a new category Bodycare range. The range comprises Body Wash, Body Care, Body Lotion, and Body Scrub.

Body wash

The Oil Balance Moisture Burst Body Wash for oily skin features a lightweight formula that doesn’t weigh the skin down or make it rough after a wash. It offers balanced moisturization needed for oily skin and further restricts the production of excess oil. It produces a rich, creamy lather that leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth after each wash.

The Moisture Reload Daily Body Wash for normal to dry skin is a sulfate-free formula that is mild on the skin. It refreshes the skin by adding moisture and further restricts roughness or dryness after each wash. This lightweight body wash removes dirt and grime without causing dryness and doesn’t weigh the skin down. Aloe vera in the body wash soothes the skin and makes it smooth to touch.

Body Lotion

The Aloe Light Daily Body Lotion is made with natural ingredients that effectively relax skin tightness caused by harsh soaps. This lotion moisturizes the skin by increasing moisture retention and traps it inside the skin, adding healthy plumpness to it. Almond oil in the lotion gradually reduces the appearance of stretch marks and fades scars while also improving the overall skin tone.

The Hydra Endure Plant Butter Body Lotion is formulated with potent hydrating ingredients that offer rich, long-lasting hydration to the skin. Its quick-absorbing formula doesn’t leave behind a greasy feeling. Sunflower oil in the lotion has soothing properties that lower skin redness and roughness. This body lotion penetrates deep into the skin, providing intense moisturization. It also helps to lock in the moisture for soft and moisturized skin throughout the day. 

Body scrub

The Glow Activate Coffee Body Scrub is specially formulated to remove dull and dead skin build-up without causing any irritation to the body. This body scrub is moisture balanced to ensure that your skin doesn’t feel dry after a wash. Its gentle exfoliation properties effectively reduce the degree of tan and brighten the skin tone, leaving a healthy glow. Coffee is rich in antioxidants, which reduce free radical damage and help restrict early signs of aging.

The Switch-On Glow Gentle Body Scrub is infused with coconut shell powder. It is a gentle, natural exfoliator that removes older skin cells on the surface, thus eliminating dullness, roughness, and dryness. This uncovers the fresh new cells that allow moisturizing products to penetrate more deeply into the skin. It further reduces skin tan and offers an even complexion. It also deep cleanses pores, leaving the skin smooth and glowy.

Just like every individual is different, their skin is also different. But the majority of the skin products are mass-produced. So, to overcome this scenario and to provide Indian men & women with customized skin care products, SkinKraft was founded. India’s first customized regimen that tailors to your skin’s evolving needs, SkinKraft’s products are backed by science and 10,000 hours of research, and successfully tested ingredients to enhance the skin’s current health.

With the rise in awareness about holistic wellbeing among people in India, spending on beauty and wellness products and services has increased. The beauty and wellness market in India has been valued at INR 901.07 Bn in 2018 and is forecast to reach INR 2,463.49 Bn by 2024. With this, Skinkraft has forayed into body care with the launch of body washes, lotions, and scrubs.


The range will be priced at INR 449-599


The collection is available on and on Amazon

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