Snuggle Up With A Cocktail

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Oh, July! It is one of my most favorite months. I am alternating between the wet blankets and snuggly ones. But, there’s no reason to stop having fun just because lightning flashes, thunder cracks, and rain pours down. It gives me the perfect opportunity to stay indoors and pull up my socks and sip on a cocktail.

And what a coincidence, the Mango season isn’t over yet. Thinking about the same, I spoke to Aman Dua, Beverage Programmer, Raahi, and he gave me one of the best Mango cocktail recipes yet, along with a few questions answered. Below are the excerpts.

Aman Dua, Beverage Programmer, Raahi

Which alcohol is the best for Rainy days?

The rainy season is a great season to experiment with your spirit. Most people have their own choices over spirit preference. The most popular spirits for straight drinks are Gin, Vodka, and Light Rum, along with their favorite chasers. Most of the spirits are best during this time, but it’s all depends on how you will consume them. The whole world knows about the combination of Gin and Tonic, but by adding good citrus fruits to it, one can easily make the most fantastic cocktail for a gloomy rainy day.  Vodka is always well known for its characters and can easily mix with any flavor. Adding herbs and Citrus and a lot of water content fruit in vodka is a winning game. With Rum, it’s always colada and Mojito style cocktails which are very famous.

Whisky is usually neglected in the summer. Do we have not to ignore it in July too?

Whiskey is never to be neglected, it is preferable during the rainy season, and July is a start. Many whiskey drinks are meant for the season, like a mint julep, northern harvest buck, whiskey lemonades, and highballs.

What kind of cocktails do you suggest snuggling up with?

Refreshing and herbaceous are some of my recommendations. A lot of those drinks made with mint basil water contain fruits to hydrate the body and are the best at this time, as we don’t tend to drink much water during this season.

What are the local ingredients you use extensively during the rainy season?

I use many local products in my bar, from tender coconut water to star fruit, Mango to watermelon. But kokum is my favorite, and it goes well with almost all spirits because of its tangy nature. You can make Bellini, Daiquiri, sours out of it, and those taste wonderful.

Because the Mango season hasn’t ended yet!

Aman Dua shares his favorite Aam Ras recipe

All that you need

  • Mango peel-infused vodka. 60 ml
  • Fresh mango juice. 60 ml
  • Lime juice 10 ml
  • Basil air to the top

What do to?

  • Shake and fine strain everything in the ingredients list
  • Pour it into a glassware coupe
  • Garnished with fresh basil leaves.


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