Sri Venkateshwara Sweetmeat Stall, An Undying Legacy

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They say traditions are not easy to build on, especially when it feeds people in millions. We Indians have structured festivals and happy moments around feeling good inside out. Be it thanking our Gods, wearing new clothes, decking up our homes, or gorging on yummy desserts, we indulge with paramount passion. Sweets! have forever been the need of the hour, and who would like to compromise on the taste or variety? Serving for over 100 years, The Original Venkateshwara Sweets has bagged praises across Karnataka and nationally for its softest and sinful Mysore Pak! Sri Venkateshwara Sweetmeat Stall (in Balepet) is revered for its Mysore Pak in Bengaluru if you’re in search of the best. The reason is apparent. The inventors of Mysore Pak –  Venkatachalapathy and his wife tried and tested several recipes until they landed on the best one to keep the sweet soft and fresh for a longer time.


The Legacy

Founded by VA Venkatachalapathy Setty, who spent close to 50 years in Chikkaballapur, sold sweets on a bicycle and in temporary pop-ups close to temples. He later moved to Bengaluru and officially started business in 1954 with Sri Venkateshwara Sweetmeat Stall. His traditional method of using in-house ground and sieved gram dal specially acquired ghee and all other grade-A ingredients give you the pleasure of an unmatchable taste even today. His son V Nagaraj joined the business full-time in the 1970s. His grandsons Raghu Nagaraj and Srinath Nagaraj, who became a part of the business in the early 2000s, have continued to deliver uncompromised taste and quality and have brought many new varieties to the selection – you would want to try them all!


The Infamous Avarekalu Mixture

While their traditional sweets were tried and tested at home before store sales, the new additions are well-researched and delectably flavored that could possess the soul of a non-dessert lover too. Balancing the lip-smacking selection of sweets comes a wide assortment of savories and chaats made to satiate a foodie’s soul.

A New Tale

Nagaraj, Srinath and Raghu, who are currently running the grand show, are impeccably tactful in gauging the consumers’ preferences. They have successfully managed to balance their menu with an extensive selection of sweets and savories – pridefully old and sinfully new. Still, they return to their stores for more and more. While their Mysore Pak, Dumrot, etc., have been loved by the masses perpetually, new additions like Caramel Gujiya, Strawberry Barfi, and Dry Fruits Chocobar are to die for! If your tastebuds yearn for a salty and spicy kick, your search ends here. Their savories like Avarebele Mixture, Bangalore Mixture, Navratan Mixture, banana chips, etc., will do just that.


Motichur Laddoo

Srinath and Raghu aim to stay at par with what pleases their  customers at large. With thousands of recipes in his kitty, his mind is on a never-ending race to offer new varieties. Be it their out-of-the-world Chole Bature or innovative Rasgulla Chaat; the taste is so unique that your search for an alternative will only leave you empty-handed.

With the vision of changing people’s mindset from not consuming sweets to devouring the authentic sweets from Sri Venkateshwara, this sweet store sets to stay out of the commercialized vendors’ lane and offer their customers everything authentic. So do visit their stores in Balepet and Malleshwaram and check out the umpty number of sweets, savories, and chaats they offer. I assure you it is impossible to leave the store without a purchase!




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