Studio Gaaba Brings Ayush Kejriwal’s Collaboration with Label Varsha to Life

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Mumbai: World-renowned designer Ayush Kejriwal has collaborated with Indian ethnic brand Label Varsha. The collection is titled ‘Daira’ and draws its inspiration from the cashmere paisley motif originating from Kashmir.

Ayush Kejriwal, based in Glasgow, Scotland is a reputed name worldwide for his womenswear collection which includes jewelry, lehengas, and sarees. Label Varsha, founded in the late 1900s specializes in women’s traditional wear. The collection is therefore timeless and an ethnic masterpiece. 

Ankit Jain, the founder of Studio Gaaba captured this ethnic masterwork through his lens breathed life into the images. Ankit has captured the essence of the collection and brought the designer’s vision to the audience.   

“The collection is very grand and luxurious but traditional at the same time. It reminds one of the grandeur that kings and queens of India lived in. The clothes are made of velvet and have a deep jewel-toned color. The cut is simple and the kurtas are paired with digitally printed velvet shawls. We wanted to capture its elegance so that the audience seeing it should get the feel of the collecting without touching it.” says Ankit.

Ankit founded Studio Gaaba, a collaborative network of innovativeness in the production industry. Studio Gaaba serves to portray visuals in the fields of fashion, lifestyle, and travel among many others. Studio Gaaba has been a part of many international print campaigns and has worked extensively with international technicians and designers. It has continuously integrated Indian and international techniques to bring a state of art campaigns to the audience. 

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