Summer Haircare by Raw Beauty

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Bengaluru: As the summer sun beckons, bringing with it lazy beach days and vibrant outdoor adventures, our hair faces its own set of seasonal challenges. From relentless sun exposure to the drying effects of saltwater and chlorine, summer can wreak havoc on our locks, leaving them parched, frizzy, and lacklustre and make summer haircare a pain. Enter Raw Beauty, a brand committed to revolutionizing the haircare industry with its eco-conscious approach. With a deep understanding of the detrimental effects of traditional haircare products, Raw Beauty has curated a scalp and hair care range that combines the best of nature and science. Each product is meticulously crafted with Ecocert-certified ingredients, ensuring that your haircare routine remains guilt-free.

Raw Beauty’s scalp care range is designed to nurture your hair with a blend of traditional wisdom and modern sensibility. From hair cleansers to nourishing masks, each product is infused with natural ingredients such as Bhringraj, Beetroot, Argan oil, apple cider vinegar, rosemary, hemp seed, and more. These potent botanicals address a myriad of hair issues, offering effective solutions without compromising on sustainability.

In this article, we’ll delve into Raw Beauty’s scalp and hair care range, exploring the benefits of its plant-powered formulations and how they can transform your haircare routine this summer. Get ready to embrace luscious locks while treading lightly on the planet with Raw Beauty’s eco-friendly haircare solutions.

Conditioning and deeply nourishing, Back to Basics prevents the scalp from easily flaking and keeps premature greying of hair at bay.
Price – 629/- INR
Clear Scalp is a non-greasy exfoliating scalp serum that addresses scalp build-up and gives the scalp a squeaky clean feeling, creating a base for other products to work more effectively. It also helps to prevent hair loss caused by clogged hair follicles.
Price – 623/- INR
Sprout Again will be your best friend if you are someone who is looking to enhance the health of your scalp, reduce hair fall, and boost hair growth.
Price – 839/- INR
Satin is a nourishing leave-in hair serum that not only adds shine and smoothness to dull hair but at the same time also adds volume to limp hair. In addition, it also protects the hair from pollution and environmental damage. It does all this without making the hair limp.
Price – 896/- INR

Reshmi Zulfein is a gel-based leave-in serum that restores hydration and tames flyaways, offers thermal protection, and adds shine and volume. It can also be used on the scalp to revitalize, soothe and hydrate it.

Price – 623/- INR

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